How to Frenchify Your Snow Day

how to frenchify your snow day everyday parisian

It happens at least once a year, that big snow fall that keeps you inside and home from school or work. I used to love them as a kid! It is a bit harder when you are an adult and I think a majority of us are still working from home so we don’t get snow days like we used to. If you get the opportunity of this year’s snow or in the future, here are some fun ways to Frenchify your snow day. From movies, to shows, to recipes to cook that will transport you to France.

Did a favorite tradition miss the list? Comment below and share.

February 2nd is le Chandeleur, National Crêpe Day. Here is how to celebrate

frenchify your snow day everyday parisian


It is always good to have a fondue set on hand for snowy days. You can pick up a mix of fondue cheese at Trader Joe’s. Just add a baguette and white wine.

how to frenchify your snow day everyday parisian

Movie Day

Cozy up on the couch with a French movie, there are 100 to choose from here. Also, I share a list of my favorite movies to transport you to Paris.

how to frenchify your snow day

Warm-up from your time in the snow with Chocolat Chaud

how to frenchify you snow day

This is a perfect time to have Angelina Hot Chocolate. You can also make Chocolat chaud on your stovetop.

Watch Lupin

If you haven’t watched Lupin, it is a fun thing to watch on Netflix while you are keeping warm inside. It is 5 episodes so a good afternoon snuggled under a warm blanket. If you have watched Lupin, try Call My Agent!

Read a Book to Transport you to France

Read a good book that transports you to Paris. Here are a few ideas.

Self Care with a Bath and Candle

Light a Diptyque or your favorite candle and turn on some music and enjoy the warmth inside.

how to frenchify your snow day everyday parisian


Roll out your yoga mat for an online class. Peloton has 2 months free on their app and you can do so many on-demand classes.

French Onion Soup

One of my favorite things to make on a cold winter day. You probably have most of the things you need in your pantry and fridge. It is so easy and delicious. This recipe uses chicken stock instead of beef which I prefer.

Mont d’Or

I have not tried Mont d’Or personally, but I have always wanted to. David Lebovitz describes it here. You can buy it at Murray’s cheese here.

Dress Warm

Don’t forget to dress warmly in a hat, gloves, and scarf.

Most importantly, enjoy your day!

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  1. Just made your crepes for lunch. For fillings we added sugar and lemon to some and bananas and chocolate sauce to the others. So delicious!☕️ Thank you. Maryanne in Vancouver Canada

    • Hi Maryanne,

      Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed them. Lemon and sugar/chocolate and banana are my two favorite combos!