My Winter Uniform

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My Winter uniform includes getting dressed, not once but twice a day! I sleep in my comfy warm pajamas just in case Henri needs to go out in the middle of the night.

The first thing I do in the morning after brushing my teeth is get dressed in my workout clothes. This consists of workout pants, a sweatshirt, sports bra, socks, and a shirt. I dance from my bedroom so there is no reason to wear shoes since I don’t wear them in the house.

After my workout, I will shower and get dressed for the day. I throw on a similar pair of jeans Monday through Friday along with a tank, and sweater. I love these from Madewell along with JCrew and sometimes Sézane depending if I leaving the house or have a zoom call.





To keep warm outside, I got this Patagonia jacket as a gift. I bought these boots for walking Henri in the cold. They are actually the ones I was wearing when I slipped so I now wear snow boots with better traction. I got this hat from JCrew which keeps me warm. A mask, of course, these are my favorite at the moment. Plus, gloves to keep warm when I am outside.


That pretty much sums it up. Getting into a workout routine and getting dressed in normal clothes really helped boost my mood. Do you have a Winter uniform?

my winter uniform everyday parisian

winter in chicago everyday parisian

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  1. The snow looks so pretty in our city 🙂 (so glad you didn’t get seriously hurt when you slipped though!) And I love hearing about Henri so much. Our dog’s name was Henry (we called him Hen and Henny too, ha!) and it makes me so happy to read about your Henri. The very best name.

    • Thank you, Alex! Henri is such a joy to have around. I do call him Hen a lot. Henny not so much. I usually call him Bubba no idea why! He makes me laugh daily. Stay tuned for a video of him in the snow.