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It has been a busy week in Chicago. I made some final decisions with the NEW site design for the blog with Rachelle. It is going to be so good. I cannot wait to share! Henri had his first vet appointment weighing in at 11.2 lbs of love and fluff. He did great and is a healthy growing puppy. He is now allowed to have peanut butter as a treat. We had snow earlier in the week which resulted in me falling pretty hard on my tailbone. I am ok, just bruised. I am feeling much better than earlier. We are expecting an additional 9 inches between today and tomorrow. I did my grocery shop on Friday morning so I am ready for the snow and puppy cuddles at home.

Grab your coffee and croissant and join me for this week’s links.

Inside the new YSL Parisian Headquarters

Europe is getting several new sleeper trains that will link 13 popular destinations

Visit Musée L’Orangerie virtually

The new Sézane collection comes out on January 31st and it is SO good. I will most likely hit publish on links mid-Saturday but will update my picks as soon as they are shoppable. I am ordering at least one or two sweaters to get me through to warmer weather. I swear by their sweaters because I have owned them for multiple seasons. The price is an investment but worth it if it is in your budget. I bought this sweater in green, along with this polka dot shirt for Spring, and I am thinking this bag will be perfect for Summer beach days or market runs.

Why you feel so guilty when you are not working and how to take a break. NPR Toolkit Podcast

Mona Lisa is Alone, but Still Smiling

New colors have been added to my new favorite sweatshirt from Madewell. I have this in black but I am considering the pretty mint green for Spring.

Portraying Paris Without the Clichés, ‘Call My Agent’ actress reflects on the popular series.

The Toulouse Lautrec exhibit is still on at The Chicago Art Insitute and the museum will be reopening soon. Get your tickets here.

A Kerzon candle makes a great gift and they smell so good. I have the Place des Vosges drawer inserts and years later they still smell strong. It makes me think of Paris every time I open that drawer.

I am totally crushing on this French cane bed. YESS, please.

Stirfry is a weekly staple. I have been using a store-bought sauce and it has so much sodium. I switched to this simple recipe, cut the oil and the corn starch. It was easy and the spicy cucumbers were so good I made more in the fridge with the leftover sauce.

What to watch after you have finished Lupin (Which will return this Summer)

Inside Joanna Gaines TV Kitchen in Architectural Digest

Pompidou is scheduled for a four-year renovation project. Have you been? It has a great view of the rooftops from the top floor.

If you haven’t already started, it’s time to double mask for protection.

Chicago friends, Bordier butter is here! It is expensive but the cost of overnight shipping from California was way more. This bakery carries it and I have heard great things about the pastries too. I have the Madagascar vanilla one in my fridge and I want to try the lemon. The salted one is by far my favorite.

Nordstrom is carrying Duralex glasses in fun colors. I love the green!

The Louvre is going under major renovations while closed. They are taking advantage of the time without tourists.

5 Feel Good Accessories for Zoom according to Vogue

I ordered this adorable petit brass French tray for my nightstand or dresser. I am not sure where exactly it will go until I see it.

Firefly Lane debuts on Netflix on February 3. I have been waiting for something new to watch since Lupin.

France Champagne houses lose over 1 billion euros after sales plunge. We should help them out with this!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching as we head into February. I made a gift guide for Valentine’s Day to inspire you. All I want is someone to cook me a meal and clean up afterward. I know… most people call this a restaurant. 😂 Life is so different than a year ago.

The 100 Best French Movies of All Time

The curious history of the croissant and how it became France’s favorite pastry

Treat Yourself to a Parisian Aperitif That is Easy to Make at Home

Marie Kondo now has a line at The Container Store. The new year is a perfect time to reorganize and declutter.

Closure of iconic Paris bookshop alarms French bibliophiles

Adding this to the list for Henri. As if he doesn’t have enough toys.

Food and Wine rank the top 9 best Trader Joe’s products of 2021. Most of them are on my top list and frequently purchased. I just bought the Everything but the Bagel topping and I want to put it on everything!

Madame de la Maison who makes my blue plates (which I adore) is offering 21% using code BONNEANNE21 at checkout this weekend to celebrate her third anniversary.

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  1. It too got the NYT Cakes Sale (oh where is my accent) recipe, loved these from Picard so dying to try.

    Glad someone mentioned the Xylitol in PB. Puppy kisses to Henri from Cliodhna xx

    • Keep me posted on how you like the recipe!

      Thank you for the heads up on the peanut butter. I appreciate you thinking of Henri! He sends kisses back. 🐶

  2. I have wanted the Kerzon candle for the longest time! With all the time I’m at home seems like I should just go for it 🙂 might as well order some champagne while I’m at it!

    • Yes! Go for it! They are finally back in stock and shipping is free from Nordstrom. Enjoy it and the bubbly! You deserve it.

  3. Check the ingredients of your peanut butter! Some brands have a sugar substitute called xylitol, which is poisonous to dogs.

    • Hi Margaret,

      I just checked we are all good! It’s all-natural peanut butter. There are just about four ingredients in it. Thank you for your concern, I appreciate it! As a new puppy mom, I am still learning and want the best for Henri!