Henri and Me Week 3

henri bernedoodle everydayparisian

Today officially marks three weeks with Henri! He is growing so fast. I love him tiny and I wish he would stay this way for long. He had his checkup with the vet this past week and he came in at 11.2 pounds. She is guessing he will be full-grown at around 30 pounds. He is a mini Bernedoodle. His mom was 50 pounds and his dad was 20 pounds.

henri bernedoodle everydayparisian

Henri is so sweet, adorable, and playful. He is in his destructive puppy phase and he is out of the sleep all day cuddle phase. He has spurts of energy throughout the day and right after dinner and then he gets sleepy around 9 pm. He loves to chase balls in the house, he finds every bit of paper (toilet paper, tissue, and paper towels) to play with, and he has a shoe fetish. If he wants attention, he will grab my shoes from anywhere he can find them.

henri bernedoodle everyday parisian

He only has one shot so far so I am keeping him close to home. We have had snow and more snow and now freezing cold temperatures in Chicago. He hasn’t gone for any walks yet, but that should change after he finishes his shots.

henri bernedoodle everydayparisian

Henri was cleared for peanut butter treats and string cheese. Friends have sent him peanut butter treats and he loves them. He just started loving Nyla bones. Thank goodness I can get a little downtime to work. Everyone warned me how much work it was to have a puppy. He likes to put his paws on the computer when I am working and jump in my lap. It isn’t easy writing or working but we are managing and I really like having a coworker for the first time.

Henri’s favorite activity right now is sledding down the snow steps and climbing back up and repeat. I put this video together of him. It makes me laugh so hard! The first time he did it, I almost cried from laughter. Now he just does it all the time and prefers if I watch him do it.

henri bernedoodle puppy everyday parisian

He finally grew out of his little bed that was almost too small when he arrived home. He still loves squeezing into it but now he prefers the larger bed I got for him with his name on it. If I put the tv on at night, he will watch it.

We are not potty trained yet. Hopefully soon! The cold weather and snow don’t help things. My seven-year-old niece Emma is trying to problem solve how we can potty train him. We have had some funny conversations! I hope these photos of Henri make you smile. He is been a very fun addition to my life.

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