Links I Love Week 6

Chicago had a wild week of weather. We had over a foot of snow, (Henri loved every minute of it) and now it is so cold we really shouldn’t leave the house. I am staying cozy at home in comfy clothes, burning a candle, and I made my mom’s chicken noodle soup. Grab your coffee and croissants and enjoy this week’s links I love.

Paris, Shuttered, Must be Imagined

The reason why we all want to decorate like Parisians

The Art of Listening

I just discovered this adorable shop on Etsy that does watercolors in Paris

17 One-Minute Habits That will Change Your Life

A personal meal plan can save your sanity this year. I have been cooking extra and repurposing which has saved me so much time during the week.

It’s not just you. A lot of us are hitting a pandemic wall right now. You are not alone.

How to meet new people after a year of isolation. This will be a must need when the world opens up. Can you imagine what a party will be like?

The famous Ladurée shop is for sale

Next Saturday, I will be joining Mardi Michaels for a fun virtual cooking class for tea time French treats. If you would like to join me, you can sign up with this link!

I ordered this sweatshirt for Emma a few weeks ago and they are restocked in more sizes. My sister let her open it after she got an outstanding report from her teacher. It felt good to help reward her for something while we are so far away.

Scaling down baking for small batch baking via NYT

Sorry, Emily, Call My Agent is the best Netflix show about Paris

Shakespeare and Company have new sweatshirts out! They are adorable. The shipping is expensive if you are in the US, but I also think of it as a donation to a great Parisian bookshop. This makes a great gift too.

The Sézane sneakers I have my eye on are a reduced price for a limited time.

Audrey Hepburn’s Favorite Song I found it on Youtube and it’s lovely!

This striped t-shirt is too cute! Perfect with jeans for Spring.

What do you do with over a foot of snow when you are French and live in Chicago, you build a snow Eiffel Tower of course!

This is my favorite solution for dry lips. I have one in every bag and coat pocket.

How to Have a Romantic Valentine’s Day Meal at Home

There is an adorable shop in Wicker Park that opened up and I placed an order for some vintage dishes and coupes for home. I don’t know when I will be entertaining yet but it is fun to start collecting good home goods.

Michelle Obama interviews Amanda Gorman this brings tears to my eyes.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, What is your love language? Mine is acts of service. It took a LONG time to figure that one out. But once I did, it helped all of my relationships.

One of my old high school friends launched an adorable shop! I was invited to be a tastemaker and chose a few favorites here.

Vogue shares how real Parisian women dress. This is fascinating. Marie Claire also shares a similar story here.

This robe looks so cozy for Winter days at home.

A few recipes that I am loving:

I can’t wait to try these for Bobby and Emma. I love the idea of using natural food coloring through strawberries.

The writers and editors behind NYT Cooking share 17 tips to help you in the kitchen.

I made this mustard chicken recipe per many of your suggestions from David Lebovitz My Paris Kitchen. I took out the bacon and creme and only used chicken breasts but still flavorful.

These shrimp tacos were easy and delicious and now will be a staple. So good! I didn’t make the slaw but the green sauce was enough to be flavorful.

On the Blog:

How to Clean Your Le Creuset

Henri and Me Week 3

How to Frenchify Your Date Night

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  1. A new follower living in central IL, but not from here originally. Love your blog and planning on travels to Paris next summer. I can’t get enough of the Parisian culture, as my Daddy is half French and gave me a French name! 🤍


    • Bonjour Chéri!

      Next Summer in Paris sounds amazing! Let me know if I can help. I will have more Paris focused content on what to do and where to stay once the world opens up again.

      Stay safe and warm xo

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    I received my two prints I purchased from you and they are beautiful! I took them to the framer and can’t wait to get them back! I love your blog and all of your ideas, fashion for traveling and recipes. My most favorite are pictures of Henri! Thanks again for your wonderful blog! I am 67 yrs. old and you make me feel younger just reading your blog! Can’t wait to read the next!❤️ Deb

    • Hi Deb,

      Thank you so much! I am so happy you love your new prints. I would love to see them when they are back from the framer. Henri and I appreciate your sweet words. I will make sure to pass them on when he wakes up from his afternoon nap. He brings me so much joy and I am happy to share with you! Lots of love. xo
      ❤️ Rebecca

  3. Hi Rebecca,
    I am 74 years young( 11) and love your blog!
    Your little Henri is a Mama Shaina!!
    Absolutely why dog is God spelled backwards!!!
    Blessings always

    • Thank you, Natsila! Henri is such a joy and great addition to my life. ❤️ Sending lots of love to you.


  4. Shuttered Paris is HAUNTING. My beautiful home away from home. It just freaks me out. I cannot imagine. It’s how I feel on the inside.

    • Hi Dana,

      It is so sad. I don’t even want to think about how many places are closed now after the pandemic. Sending you lots of love. I can’t wait to be back in Paris as soon as it is safe.


  5. I loved the sweatshirt you bought for Emma. I just ordered it for my niece who turns 7 this month. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Thank you, Mandy! I hope your niece loves it too. I spoke to Emma about our vice president and how she was a woman. She said she can do ANYTHING she wants to do now. That pride and confidence are so important in a young girl.

  6. The link for this isn’t working: A personal meal plan can save your sanity this year.

    I love your blog and look forward to it every weekend! Thank you

  7. Hello, love your blog and your link roundup. Just wanted to let you know the link for Laduree does not work, it goes to the pandemic story.