Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

Gift guide for the dog lover

Gift Guide for Your Dog

The holidays are a popular time to bring a dog home as a family pet. Henri was my Channukah/Christmas present at the end of 2020. We didn’t get him home until early 2021. He still is the best present my husband has given me, and I don’t know if anything can top him! Having a dog in the house has brought so much light, joy, and love. Henri had a big part in writing this blog post. This post is for a gift guide for dogs, and the dog lover. It is filled with some of Henri’s favorite toys and a few things on my wish list for him.

Gift Guide for the Dog lover

Gift Guide for Dogs and Dog Lovers

1. Furbo Dog Camera and Treat Toss $128 This is on my wish list for Henri. I am so curious about what he does while we are gone. It would also be great to drop him a treat occasionally.

2. Baguette Enrichment Toy $32 You can hide treats inside the baguette for increased stimulation for your dog. It’s on my wish list for Henri. It is currently sold out. I added my name to the return stock list.

3. Eiffel Tower Dog Toy. Alyssa gave this to Henri a few years ago for Chanukah; he still loves it!

4. Croissant Toy $18 Henri’s girlfriend got this for him for his birthday, and it is one of his favorite toys. We have to hide it sometimes because the squeak is loud. He finds it and brings it out, running around the house.

5. Aesop Dog Wash $41 is a splurge item for your pet but with natural ingredients that smell so good. Baths can be a huge undertaking a home.

Gift Guide Ideas For Your Dog

6. Ceramic Dog Food Bowl and Stand. I love that you can customize these with your dog’s name. Henri has a raised food and water bowl that works well. He is tall with long legs, which helps bring it to a better level.

7. Dog Treat Maker $28 We haven’t tried making Henri dog treats, but our friends and neighbors have, and they turned out so cute!

8. Dog Collars Monogrammed $35 On sale for an additional 20% off. Having your dog’s name visible on the collar while out and about is always good. Henri might need one of these! His signature color is red.

Gift guide for the dog lover

9. J.Crew Montauk Tote $54. This is the bag I use to tote Henri’s items when we travel. His toys, food, and treats all fit this bag and look adorable. You can monogram it, too!

10. Barbour Coat $80 We are big Barbour fans here. For the cold Chicago winters, Henri would look adorable in this!

11. Fi Dog Collar Alyssa recommended this to keep tabs on Henri when we aren’t together. Think of it as Life360 or Find My iPhone for your furry friend.

Gift Guide for Dogs

12. Personalized Dog Bed $109 We got ours from LL Bean. Henri has two! It took him a long time to get used to it. He was crate trained and then, after a year, jumped in the bed and hasn’t turned back. During the day, he will nap around the house on one of his beds.

13. Champagne Dog Toy $15 Henri loves this one, and friends gifted us two. He runs around the house with it, always wanting to play fetch.

14. Superhuman Dog Container $120. Worth the investment. We have had this for over a year, and it is excellent for food storage. The scoop is one serving size. It sits in our kitchen and blends in well.

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Gift Guide for your dog

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