Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day Gift Guide

For all of the moms, grandmothers, childcare givers, and aunts, this year has been a tough one. You have shown up in ways you didn’t think were possible. Juggling being a mom, working from home while trying to keep your kids entertained and safe. I have seen it first hand with my sister who has done an amazing job. My mom has stepped in to help my sister on a regular basis to help her get work done or squeeze in a workout so she stays sane.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is not just about the moms, there are so many amazing people that help us become better people. I have two incredible aunts that provide so much support in my adult life. Being an Auntie to my niece and nephew is one of the things I am most proud of. We have a great relationship and I can’t wait to see them continue to grow as they get older.

If you have lost a mother, aunt, or grandmother and this holiday is hard for you, I totally get that. Find a way to honor the person that you miss and take some time for self-care. You also have full permission to close out this blog post and ignore the holiday altogether. I wanted to write this gift guide to honor all the types of moms out there. Plus, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge too.

P.S. When it comes to Mother’s Day, yes, being a fur mom counts! I hope Henri treats me to flowers or at least a coffee on our walk. 🐶

Make sure to shop early for possible delays in shipping. Mother’s Day is May, 8th. Also, remember to shop small when you can.

If there is a favorite item that makes a great gift that did not make the list, feel free to comment below and share.


Porter Water Bottle.

I love the idea of using a glass water bottle instead of plastic. I made the switch last year with this one. It fits in the cupholder in the car which is a huge plus. It’s heavier than plastic but worth it. It cleans well in the dishwasher.

Bala Bangles

One and two pounds each. Perfect for moms pushing strollers, long walks with friends, or workouts at home or the gym.

Airpod Pros

I have a pair and I don’t know life without them. I use them when I travel and for calls at home. They are great for listening to music on the go. The price here is much better than at the Apple store.

Ember mug.

For the mom who always ends up with cold coffee like me. I am a slow coffee drinker and this would be a perfect gift for me. I also love the Yeti for a more approachable price point.

Vuori joggers.

These pants are perfect for on the go mom’s. Great for travel, moms who are carpooling and always in the car, and moms who love to be active. I own these joggers and have my eye on these pants.

Klorane Dry Shampoo.

This is a favorite of mine for touching up my hair between washes and giving it volume. It’s a French girl cult beauty classic.

Cuyana System Tote

This bag is 3 in one and you can use it from day to night. For the active working mom to transition to a night out. Cuyana is one of my favorite brands. I have owned and loved their products for years. They are long lasting and high quality.

Apple Watch Series 7.

I have owned my watch and love it. It is great for keeping track of my workouts and sleep.

Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers.

I wear these in Paris and they are great for travel. So many of the girls on my latest trip also bought them and loved them. You need to break these in first and then they are molded to your feet for the most comfortable and affordable walking shoe.

Everywhere crossbody tote.

Perfect for dog walks or neighborhood strolls. You can fit an id and phone inside.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask

I swear by this mask and use it a few times a week. It is great for getting out all the impurities from sweat, travel, and makeup.

Hoka Running Shoes.

These come in a variety of fun colors for the active mom.

Birdie Personal Alarm.

Keep mom safe when she is out alone. This can be added to your keychain.

Laundress Sports Detergent.

I am a big fan of The Laundress soaps. This one is great for all the workout clothes that need a scent refresh.

Collapsable Water Bottle.

So many of the girls on the Paris trip had one of these. I love the idea because water bottles can take up so much space in a bag. Plus, it’s great for the environment.


Lake Pajamas

I own these and LOVE them. I want a second and third pair

Klorane Eye Patches.

I gave this as a gift to the girls on the Paris trip and so many of them went to buy more at the French pharmacies. Pop them in the fridge in the summer for an extra cool treat.

Caudalie Scrub

Great aromatherapy and home spa.

Casual draped knit set.

This looks like the dreamiest set for lounging at home.

Diptyque tuberose candle

One of my favorite Diptqyque scents

Monica Vinader curbed locket.

You can monogram this too!

Ode a la rose flower delivery service

These are a birthday gifts from my Aunt and Uncle and turned out great

Boll and Branch Sheets

I got these for my sister for Christmas and it was a huge hit.

Paris Tea Time Mariage Freres Set

I love the Opèra blend out of this pack

Louis Wine Glasses.

I love all the fun colors. Great for entertaining.

Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

My favorite soothing mask. It smells great too

Hatch Alarm Clock.

I love mine so much. I bought it at the start of the year and use the meditation app almost nightly.

Boll and Branch Waffle Robe.

I have the waffle blanket and love it. Adding this to my personal wish list.

Mahabis Slippers

I wear mine every morning around the house. Mine are 4 years old and still in great shape


Sommelier Wine Subscription

Each wine has a pairing card with it. It’s a small business doing big things in the world of wine. I have ordered this several times over the last year. I get a shipment every 3 months with a mixture of reds and whites. The bottles give you pairing instructions and how to serve (temperature) each wine. You also get to learn about the families that own the vineyards.

Degrenne Tea Pot.

I love my morning tea and this ritual has been one of my favorite takeaways from the slower pace of the last couple of years. This is the teapot I use and love all the time. I have it in navy. The pot can be pulled apart and most of it can be run in the dishwasher which makes cleaning up a breeze.

The Flower Workshop Book

I also love this new Paris Pastry book that comes out this week.

Blue Nesting Dishes

These are beautiful for styling or placing your jewelry on the bedside table.

Brass Easel Calendar Set.

I got this for my dad for father’s day and he begs for another once since it has finished.

Signature thin bracelet from Monica Vinader.

I have one of these and love it. You can engrave it which gives it a personal touch.

I swear by these ballet flats I wore all over Paris.

They are so comfortable and have enough support to walk for hours.

Masterclass Subscription.

I have a subscription and have also gifted one. They are constantly adding new great teachers. The subscription lasts a year and you can learn so many new skills.

Digital Picture Frame.

My fiancé got this as a gift and loved it and then started gifting them to the whole family. You can add in pictures from an app so you can constantly update it. (hint this would be a great hit with grandparents)

Breville Super Automatic Barista.

I am not going to lie, this is something I have my eye on for the registry. I would love a bean to coffee machine that is quick touch and beautiful.


In Love with Paris Book

A new release I spotted at Anthropologie

Sézane Gaspard Sweater.

This runs a bit bigger but I still own it in size small. I have three colors. It was my best selling item of 2021 for a good reason.

Caudalie Premier Cru for anti-aging.

I love so many of the Caudalie products.

Best French Forever Box.

These boxes are currated with unique French products. I love that each box has a theme and covers all the senses. I got a playlist to go along with my box. (Plus, it’s a female owned small business)

Saint James striped shirt.

A classic wardrobe staple

April in Paris photo by Rebecca Plotnick (me) from The Print Shop

Le Creuset Dutch Oven.

I use and love mine so much

Diptyque Discovery Set.

Choose a different scent for your mood. These are great for travel and to see which one you love the most.


Marinère Striped Shirt.

You can monogram this too. I own it and love it!

Monica Vinader Huggie Earrings.

I have these and wear them a bunch. I packed them for Paris

The New Parisienne

This book is filled with amazing women shaping Paris. It would make such a sweet gift for an aunt or caregiver for other strong females.

Polene bag.

I bought one in October and so many of the girls from the last Paris trip also bought a bag. It was on my wish list for years and did not disappoint.

Le Marais fresh croissants.

Heat these up in the oven and be instantly transported to Paris.

Margot monogrammed mug.

Add some tea or a coffee to the gift.


Away Suitcase.

I can’t travel without my bigger carry on and everywhere tote. You can save $20 off your first order with this code.

Longchamp Large Pilage Bag.

This was the MVP of both Paris and BVI. I used it daily for moving around and carrying essentials with me.

Compression Packing Cubes.

I don’t know what life was like before packing cubes. They help me stay organized when I am on the go.

Collapsable water bottle

Garment Steamer

Affordable and handle for keeping your clothes looking good while traveling.

Travel converter

Perfect for on the go. Great for Paris.

Laundress wash and stain bar.

I swear by all Laundress products. This is essential for getting stains out.

Madewell transport camera bag.

Pack your camera and other essentials here for a day out. I own a similar version from Cuyana that was discontinued.

Klorane Travel Sized Dry Shampoo

Avene Thermal Spring Water

Refreshing after a long flight or travel.

Supergoop touch up powder.

This has SPF 35. Reapplying sunscreen throughout the day is so important for sun protection.

Laneige Lip Mask

I have this and use it on the days when my lips are so dry.

Klorane Eye Patches.

They come individually packaged so you can drop a few in your bag for your travels. Wear these on the plane or after you fly to help with dark circles.

Cuyana Leather Travel Case.

This can be monogrammed. This is my favorite gift to give.

Monica Vinader 25% Mother’s Day Code

 I have a code for Monica Vinader for 25%. Use MOTHERSDAY25-C1F1 at checkout. You can see some of my favorite pieces in this post.

Mothers Day Gift Guide

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  1. But what about the Moi and Toi drinking glasses on the For the Francophile gift list?! They are adorable. There is no link and I cannot find them anywhere by doing a google search. Is there a way to purchase these? I love your site and have bought many of your prints.

    • Hi Elaine,

      I keep searching and haven’t found anything available. I am sorry. I will keep an eye out and include them in a future round up if I spot any!