What I Learned in My 30’s

What I Learned in My 30s

In my 30’s, I built a business, traveled the world 🌎, fell in love, became an Auntie (x2), started a blog, made new friends, and became a dog 🐶 mom. I can’t say my 30’s were all great, some parts I wish I could forget, but I learned a lot. Below are a few lessons I learned from the past decade.

What I Learned in My 30s

What I Learned in My 30s

Photos of me by Katie Donnelly

-That break-up will not break you.

No matter how hard it feels at the moment. There is something better on the other side of heartache.

-Sunscreen is the last step of your beauty routine.

-Good eye cream is essential.

-Your friendships will go in cycles.

Let go of the people that don’t support you or show up. It’s hard to make new friends as an adult but it is possible to find some gems.

-Old friends are great friends.

I love the people I have known the longest before life changed with kids, relationships, and work.

-Travel the world as much as you can.

It can be scary doing this solo but it is one of the best things I did.

-Always have an updated passport.

-Don’t take setbacks as roadblocks, find another path to what you want.

-Family is so important.

Show up for births, birthdays, and celebrations.

-Time is precious.

Take the trip you have been dreaming of.

-Save your money.

Have an emergency cash fund and fund your retirement account regularly.

-If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it. Trust your gut.

-Health is so important.

Get regular checkups and fuel your body with healthy foods.

-Exercise regularly.

I went in spurts between yoga and dance but I always had one or the other to keep me moving, healthy, and motivated.

-Sleep is more important than I ever gave it credit.

Invest in a good bed, quality sheets, and a sleep routine.

-Push out of your comfort zone even if it is for a day, week, or year.

Breaking your normal routine might be just what you need to set you in the right direction.

-Wear high heels, short dresses, and a bikini.

Your body will change. When you think your body doesn’t look great, it actually does and you will regret snapping photos and taking pride in a healthy body.

-Take photos and make memories.

I have more photos of the last 10 years than the first 30. Don’t deny a photo because you aren’t dressed well or don’t have makeup on. Document the tiny moments in between all the big ones.

-Ask your grandparents questions.

I pushed for my grandma to fill out a book of questions for me. She refused for years and finally before she passed she answer the questions in the book. It is one of the best gifts I have gotten because it was personal and from the heart. My other grandma passed away just at the end of my 30s and she would push me to ask questions. I wanted to know the personality of my grandpa (who I never met) did we have the same sense of humor? Was he kind?

-Have patience with your parents as they age.

Time with them is so precious.

-You are going to fail.

It’s all about learning the lessons instead of repeating the mistake.

-Experience new cultures and try new foods.

-Be open to love.

Ready or not… this is 40 ❤️ I am excited to see what this next chapter and decade brings my way. Thank you for following along on the journey. I have heard from several people that your 40s are fabulous. I would love to know what advice you have for this next decade or what you have learned from decades in the past.

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  1. I’m turning 37 this summer and honestly, have been dreading it. I read through your list. Then I reread it again and again. I think sometimes people get so caught up in a number that we forget we’re only as old as we feel. In my head, I’m about 28 or so. Reading this reminded me that there is so much out there to see and do. And that sometimes, it’s okay to curl up and just enjoy the silence too. Thanks for the reminder that life should be lived!

  2. My parents had a wide circle of friends, and years ago when my father turned 40 he created a “Being 40 Is Fun” club. He gave everyone a membership card when they turned 40, plus automatic membership to those already 40. I have to say, from my point of view (I was in my mid teens at the time) they all had a fun filled decade!

  3. I love this! I’m turning 32 soon, and this is such a great mindset to have. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Definitely bookmarking this to come back to.

  4. The 40’s are wonderful! Enjoy every moment. You know who you are & can enjoy being you. Stay active, plan adventures.

  5. You will love your forties! You grow a level of inner contentment that regardless of chaotic times, you find yourself navigating life in calmer ways. Your “nonsense” barometer streamlines what you are going to focus on. You get prettier in the sense of looking like your who you are meant to be. You know what you want & what is good for you. You laugh more. You are aware of aging gracefully & begin to create your older woman persona. Enjoy your forties!

  6. From a vantage of being double your age, I say embrace every day, let go of small upsets, and be kind to yourself and others. Above all else, cherish friends and family. The 40’s are truly a coming of age for most of us. We let go of so much that society decided we should be and become more of who we are. Enjoy

  7. My 40’s were a huge transformation for me. I moved myself from the East to West Coast. I let go of the patterns that were put on me and really got to know myself. 40’s were filled with so many surprises in a good way but just opening up to myself. I did things I never knew I could possibly do and even started my own company having to learn the value of trust and faith each and every day. Stay open in your 40’s and you will be amazed at what comes your way.

  8. 40s are a fabulous decade. I learned: I don’t need approval from anyone. I have very little patience for drama. I am much more selective about who I spend time with. Stretch every single day!! Retinol, good moisturizer, and sunscreen will keep your skin looking good. But there is no shame in fillers, Botox, etc. if that works for you!! Travel as often as you can! Never underestimate the power and fun of taking a hooky day to spend on yourself with no obligations. Life is short, buy the best butter, best chocolates, best coffee, best champagne, etc. Prioritize sleep! Be a mentor and role model to others. There is a young person out there who could use your advice and wisdom!