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French Skincare Dry Skin Solutions Every Day Parisian

I had a reader write asking for advice on skincare. I sent her everything in an email but I thought it would be great to share with my whole audience as some of you might have the same concerns. If you have questions, please feel free to shoot me an email through the contact form or comment below.

Subject: French Skincare: Moisturizer and Serum

Message: Hi – can you please recommend any mid-priced skincare products for someone in their late 50s with dry skin/signs of aging. I recently tried Avene Hydrance (actually from Walgreens on North Michigan) and liked it but would value any recommendations you can offer. Thanks in advance.

These are the products I know, trust, love, and use! 

Start with a milk cleanser. I use Sisley but a more affordable one is this one by Caudalie.

Follow up with Toner. Every facial I have gotten they always tell me to use a toner. I use this inexpensive one from Caudalie. 

I use two serums from Caudalie which have been great. You can use this one since you are worried about aging skin.

Follow up with a thick moisturizer. My skin drinks it up pretty quickly and my skin glows.

At night, you can do oil on your face after your moisturizer. My mom loves this one! 

Exfoliate at least once a week (I use this daily in the shower) and use a hydrating mask once a week as well. 

Other masks I love include the Black Rose Mask from Sisley. I used this in Colorado and my skin was glowing!

I hope this helps. xo


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  1. Hi Rebecca!

    I’m wondering if you think it’s more/less expensive to buy in France than here in the states? I’m going to Paris later this Spring. Thx! Lynne