5 Ways to Keep your Skin Hydrated in Winter

Every time I go in for a facial, the biggest concern is always my dry skin. Time and time again, it is the hot topic of discussion. Even in the warmer months, there are still concerns that my skin isn’t hydrated enough. If you are like me, there are multiple steps I go through on a daily basis to keep my skin happy, healthy and hydrated. Winter is dry and cold in Chicago so I have to give my skin extra love and care.

I fell in love with skincare after moving to Paris in 2013. I left all of my beauty products at home and I wanted to start fresh. I would visit French Pharmacies all over the city looking at different products and trying as many as I could to see what worked best for me. My suitcase coming home is always jam packed with multiple lotions and serums.

  1. Exfoliate. This is the top tip I have gotten after every facial. If you have too many dead skin cells on your skin, the lotions can’t get to the bottom layer and hydrate. I use a daily exfoliant in the shower and a heavier one, once or twice a week.

2. Serum. I recently added a serum to my daily routine for extra hydration before my lotion. I have been experimenting with a few different serums at different price points. Vichy is a great option which I am currently using for under $30. I just finished a bottle of Clarins Serum (under $100) that I was gifted at an event and for extra hydration boots, I really enjoy the Sisley Hydraglobal. This one is a splurge but works the best!

3. Hydrate/Lotion Don’t be shy about this one. I slather on the really heavy creams in Winter. Currently, I am using Sisley Extreme Comfort. I have also used Caudalie Vinosource Intensive Moisturizer. If you are looking for a tinted coverage, I will put a bit of foundation and mix it into my lotion before applying.

For eye cream, I have been using this Sisley one for over a year. It may be the biggest mistake I made with skincare, not starting an eye cream earlier. Now I can’t live without using one. It is pricey but a little goes a long way. I use this one by Caudalie during the day mixed with a little concealer.

4. I use a mask twice a week and always when I fly. For a splurge, the Sisley Rose Mask and more budget is the Caudalie Moisturizing mask. I exfoliate before and put on a good heavy coat but let it all soak in. I don’t fly with make up just mascara and the mask. One of the best investments in skincare to make is this under eye mask from Sisley. I swear by it! I have had the same tube for two years and just use a tiny amount before I fly under the eyes. It is heavier than any other eye cream and I don’t look jet lagged when I land.

sisley paris masks

5. In the Winter months, I will add oil to my night routine. There are two options for the splurge, Sisley Rose Oil and Caudalie Overnight Recovery Oil. I gave this to my mom as a gift and she loves it!

Sleep and water are essential to keeping your skin hydrated in the Winter.

If you have favorite beauty products that keep your skin hydrated in the Winter, please comment and share below!

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    • yes!! Such good products. The caudalie lip balm is my go to and I have one in every bag I own. Can’t live without it!