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This week, I met with a new blogger friend Jess Keys. We shot some fun photos out in the freezing cold and chatted over french fries and wine at Brasserie Margeaux in Chicago. Jess convinced me I needed a pair of high wasted jeans. We popped into Madewell where I surrendered and bought my first pair. I have been wearing Hudsons for years that hit my hips so these are a bit different and higher. I have a long torso and long legs. For reference, I purchased a 27. There is some stretch to them. I will report back how they wear over time.

Paris to start offering Free Transportation for kids under 11 starting in September.

7 tips to understanding French wine. I know my whites but I am just getting to know my reds.

Van Gogh Experience arrives at Atelier des Lumières on February 22. You can buy tickets online. I have only heard good things. I hope to see this in March when I am back.

I love this article about finding love online. Have you tried it? Do you know of anyone that has found love through dating apps?

Another great article about dating. Being vulnerable might be the answer.

10 Ways to Bounce Back from Burnout

There is a term for people born in the early 80’s like me. Here is what you need to know. My sister is two years older than me and I notice a difference between how we consume and use social media/the internet.

The 25 Best Things to do in Paris according to CN Traveler.

5 Valuable French Fashion Lessons

The Hit List from Sézane is everything. Blush for days.

Jess Keys shares 20 Spotify Playlists to Listen to right now

A Location Guide to the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in Paris. Since I know a lot of you are big fans like me, I hope you enjoy this one!

I am crushing on these sneakers from Madewell. I want to pick them up for Paris. For under $100 they are a great walking shoe option.

madewell sneakers everyday parisian

The best Kid Friendly Spots in Paris from HIP Paris

This is a great resource for current and upcoming exhibitions in Paris from 2019/2020. If you are planning a visit in the next year, you can use this a guide to bookmark some things to check.

When “This is Us” will come to an end. Do you have favorite shows that didn’t end the way you wanted them to?

My favorite Waffle Blanket is on SALE for 20% off. I swear by this blanket and it has changed my bed for the better.

The most beautiful hotel bars in Paris according to Vogue.FR This is a great way to experience a hotel without shelling out a ton of cash for a night stay.

Two books on Kindle you shouldn’t miss that are on MAJOR SALE: Around My French Table By Dorrie Greenspan and The Lost Vintage by Ann Mah

Paris is suing Airbnb over Illegal Listings. Here is what you need to know if you have a booking.

17 French Expressions about Dating and Relationships you should know 

25 Hotels with Eiffel Tower Views for your next trip to Paris.

25 hotels with Eiffel Tower Views everyday parisian

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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  1. Omg ! I love Du Pan et dees Idees! One of my favorite shops when I studied abroad in Paris! I recommend it to everyone! thanks for the picture and reminder of delish food 😉

    • Hi Cait,

      You are welcome! I wish they were open on the weekends 🙂 What is your favorite thing to order?


  2. Thanks for the tip on The Lost Vintages. I just got it for free with the Google Play credits I get for answering their little surveys. I’m looking forward to reading it! 😀

  3. Bonjour, Rebecca! I’m a Xennial! Born in 1984, it didn’t make sense to me that I was the same generation as someone born between 1988 and 1996, in general, of course. Merci!

  4. I met my partner 14 years ago online! That was way back when it was not as common as it is now. I was frustrated with the guys I met, and thought it was at least worth a try. I told myself that each first date was just “dating practice” and I think that made me more relaxed. I met three guys, liked all of them. Chose this one (he says hi) and remained friends with the other two for a while also. Oddly enough we went to the same college and have some friends in common and lived about a mile apart for a few years but never met. If you’re on the fence, I say try it, you never know.