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Sisley Paris Favorites French Skincare

Over the years I have traveled to Paris I have purchased so many skincare products. It is the one thing I bring home besides thousands of photographs and I have tried so many brands. There are products I have found work and others just don’t work for my skin. There is nothing wrong with them I think it is important to find what works best for you. I have a medicine cabinet full of French beauty products. Recently I was introduced to Sisley and I am completely hooked! It’s pretty much all I use. So if you are looking for some French beauty products you can try some of my Sisley favorites!  

For daily use, I am in love with the milk cleanser because my skin is so dry. I follow with the cucumber moisturizer which smells amazing! For flights, I always have the Sisley-Paris eye contour mask in my carry on as my go to. It really prevents those dark under eye circles and dehydration that comes with flying.

While in NYC this Summer I had the opportunity to visit the Boutique in The Village and escape for a facial. Before I entered the treatment room they warned me that I would be asleep in minutes and have the best nap ever. But to my surprise, I was awake the whole time. Not because I was uncomfortable but because every product they put on my face smelled so good! I have a crazy sense of smell so as they put on the products I would ask what was in everything and what I was smelling. I didn’t sleep but I came out of the facial feeling so refreshed and in love with the products. 

Sisley NYC Beauty Facial

When it comes to makeup I don’t wear much. I had terrible skin when I hit college and went through years of coverup. Now that I am older and know how to treat my skin with good products and lots of water I choose not to wear a lot of makeup. Some of my essentials from Sisley include their mascara which I swear by. Also, this lipstick is a staple in my evening clutch. 

For those of you nervous about spending the money or not liking the product they have a beauty subscription kit which will be highlighted on my Holiday gift guide. The introductory kit is $35 for 3 months and you get 5 great samples which are so great for travel! 

Sisley-Paris travel beauty products

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