French Find : Sweets from Sugarfina

Sugarfina French Find

Recently I was meeting a friend for coffee and at the checkout, I found these adorable little Parisian pineapples from Sugarfina. I quickly flipped over the box and they said “Made in France” so I knew I wanted to introduce these cute French Finds. The adorable mate in the photo are the “Yes Way rosé” gummies that are so good I have to admit they are half gone already. 

Yes, I completely understand it is election day and you may be glued to the TV as most Americans are right now. But while I nervously watch this is what I am snacking on… 

sugarfina french finds

It’s never too early for rosé with these!

Parisian Pineapples Sugarfina

While I will keep my political views to myself I will say that as American’s we are fortunate to have a say in who we elect. So please take the time to get out and vote! While we wait to hear I will be snacking away on these adorable French Finds from Sugarfina

French Finds Sugarfina

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