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caudalie paris france

I fell in love with French skincare during my time in Paris in 2013. I have tried many different brands over the years. I fill my suitcase with as much as possible for the flight home with an assortment of creams and serums. I have two favorites, one being Sisley which you all must know by now and Caudalie. Caudalie is affordable and provides great results. There are several locations in Paris and a few in the US. Fingers crossed they open a Chicago location, I told them I would be happy to promote it for them.

They are offering 20% off Friends and Family until May 1 so I wanted to make sure I spread the word of this great deal. I think the value sets are the best deal as you can get more than one product for a great discount. I purchased this Vinactiv Serum and the complete set is $37 on sale which is a steal. I paid more for just that product alone.


I booked a facial for my time in Paris this last trip and really enjoyed the experience. I picked up a few things for me per their recommendations as well as a gift for my Mom and friends. 


This was their recommendation for my Mom and it is a great way to introduce her to Caudalie. My Mom’s main concern is aging and wrinkles so this set was perfect. 

caudalie paris france

What I bought and LOVE! 

The oil cleanser for my dry skin has been fabulous. They say to use three pumps but one is enough. 

I just purchased Radiance Serum to brighten my skin and clear up my dark spots. 

I bought three of these lip balms because one is never enough. I have one in every single bag and I swear by them! 

As far as masks, I have two favorites. This one is essential when I fly since it can be so drying and this exfoliant really helps clear my skin. I use it daily in the shower! 

I have an eye cream already but I wanted to try this one from Caudalie that is around $30 on sale. So it is worth the research. 

caudalie paris france

The facial was so amazing! I literally slept so hard in the middle and I woke up with glowing skin! I highly recommend booking one if you have the time in Paris. It was 80 euros. 

caudalie paris france

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! xo 

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  1. I love Caudalie! Since opening a store across the street where I work in DC, I have developed an obsession. I really want to go to their headquarters in Bordeaux and stay at their spa. Before I workout, I remove my make-up and spray the Grape Water on my face. I also love combining cleansers as well as the Instant Detox Mask. My skin has never been softer!

    • Hi Susan,

      That would be so dangerous. It is my dream to go to their spa in Bordeaux!! We need to make this happen!

      I love that you combine cleansers! I am enjoying the cleansing oil which I never thought I would use. My shelves are getting full but I am loving the results 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing this post. This is a splurge for me and I don’t take your recommendations lightly. You do possess amazing skin. Bravo! I look forward to my first trial of Caudalie.

    • You are the sweetest! Thank you! I take my skincare very seriously! It is a whole process morning and night but totally worth it. I get mistaken for being in my 20’s and I am 36 so it is worth the investment!

  3. I absolutely love Caudalie products. The beauty elixir is my favorite. Using it instantly puts me in a better mood. Hopefully they bring some spas over here!!!

    • yes, they have amazing products! I hope you picked some up with the Sale. Where do you live? They have a few in The States!

  4. Thank you! Can you recommend something for very oily acne prone skin for a 46 year old?

    Thank you!