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Happy February! Can you believe January flew by in a blink? It was a bit crazy for me. I hosted a really fun event at Diptyque in Chicago this weekend for their limited edition candle and fragrance. In case you missed it, in January I announced a group trip to Paris. I am taking 20 girls to Paris with two other bloggers. Oh, and I learned to ski on a weekend in Colorado. I am still working on my goals for 2020 which will be posted next week.

On February 2nd, the French eat crêpes, here is why.

If you are in Paris, here is a list of my favorite places to eat crêpes and a recipe to make them at home.

Mastering The French Essentials in Cooking

6 Items to Stuff in Your Ski Jacket Pocket ( I read this in Colorado last week). It was perfect timing!

The Ongoing Transit Strike in Paris is officially over!

How has dating changed over the past decade? I literally got lost in Cup of Jo blog early one morning reading about relationships.

Customer Favorites on the Blog This Week

Meet the designer that makes ‘Mrs. Maisel’ so Marvelous

Big Mama Group (Big Pink, Ober Mama from Paris) has a cookbook out! It just launched this month. I need this!

How Brexit Will Affect Travel to the UK and Europe

Travel is about commas, not exclamation points. From Samantha Brown. I remember watching her on TV when I was younger thinking she had the coolest job. I never expected to be where I am now.

I had a reader write in asking about French Beauty products for dry skin. I sent her an email back but also turned it into a blog post just in case other readers had the same questions. It was an instant hit!

These are great to pack in your travel bag. I flew home from Colorado last Sunday and was suffering from a terrible headache (not sure if I was getting sick or the altitude) I drank one of these before bed and I woke up feeling 100x better then the day before. Plus, I slept through the night which was a major win for me.

This app allows you to renew your passport in 24 hours. Bookmark this one just in case!

I am addicted to these sweet gummies from Sugarfina and I never see them on sale, but I found them here!

A customer recently sent me this photo of her updated more mature makeover to her daughter’s bedroom. She added my “Tout est Possible” print and the whole room looks great. Shop the Print Here

all is possible graffiti print rebecca plotnick

My Everlane leggings arrived early this week. I bought both the black and green colors. The material took some getting used to as they aren’t your typical Lululemon legging. They are slimming, soft and super comfortable. Plus, they are half the price of the regular Lulu legging.

How easy is it to be Vegan in France?

The Paris Mayor has a dream of “the 15-minute city”

The Most Beautiful Apartments to Rent in Europe

French Food is still the best in the world, here is why

Jerry Seinfield and wife Jessica take a food tour in Paris with author Lindsey Traumuta of The New Paris

Restaurants count the costs of the Strikes in Paris

Le Creuset came out with a new color this week and I love it!

If you are in Chicago, the next round of classes at the Alliance starts this week. Are you in?

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  1. Paris is a vegan dream! There are so many vegan restaurants and vegetarian restaurants with vegan options opening in Paris each year. I also have a gluten intolerance still eat like a queen. Some favorites include: Le Potager du Marais, Wild & The Moon, Aujourd’hui Demain, The Friendly Kitchen, and Chambelland bakery. This past New Year’s Eve we celebrated at The Friendly Kitchen. They served an amazing gourmet 5 course meal which included a glass of champagne and wine. It was a beautiful dining experience and a memery I’ll treasure always.