Where to Drink Coffee in Paris

where to drink coffee in paris

When I first arrived in Paris in 2013, there was no “good coffee” in Paris. It was just starting to change, and thank goodness it did. I feel every time I visit Paris, there is a new coffee shop. You will never be at a loss for good coffee with this list. There are almost 30 spots places all around the city for a delicious cup of coffee. I hope you enjoy discovering my favorite spots where to drink coffee in Paris.

The Best Coffee Shops in Paris

This is my way of saying thank you for supporting my coffee and croissant research over the years. I have enjoyed discovering new coffee shops over the years.

You can save this map and use it for your next trip to Paris. 

Favorite Spots for Coffee:

Café Kitsuné – the space is small, you can drink inside but I love to do takeaway and bring it for a walk through Palais Royal. Iced or Hot latte is my go-to drink, depending on the weather. Update! They have a new, more prominent Louvre Location, which is very close to their more minor outpost. They open at 8:30, which is fantastic! Most craft coffee spots don’t open until 10. I usually walk around Paris shooting images and waiting for one place to open.

café kitsuné where to drink coffee in Paris

Boot Café – My favorite area to stay in Paris is the Marais, and Boot has always been a pretty quick walk. They just don’t open until 10 am, and I am usually on my second cup by then. It is super tiny so depending on the time of day, you should ask for it to go. (emporter si’il vous plaît)


You can eat here (avocado toast is a popular menu item), or you can get coffee to go. They now open at 8 am, which is a dream for early risers. I usually stop here for my first coffee of the day. A café crème will be around 4 euros. They only take cards, not cash.

Coutume They have a few locations on the Left Bank. They serve oat milk (yes!) which makes me super happy. Their Coutume Café on Rue de Babylone opens at 8:30 am, and the Coutume Institue near Notre Dame is open at 9 am. You can bring your laptop and work here.


Brasserie Barbès – This was not around when I lived across the street but it is an excellent addition to the neighborhood. They offer food as well but I have never tried it, just the coffee.

Cuillier – Try their yogurt. It is SO good. But also their coffee is excellent.

KB Café – The space is small inside, but during the warmer months they have a large outdoor terrace with tables and chairs. They do have wifi. Update. They opened a new location called Back in Black. They have food and coffee and you can work from their space with their laptop, which is rare.

KB café Paris, France Where to drink coffee in Paris

Hardware Societé – If you are looking for a place by Sacre Coeur, this is a great option.


Loustic – You can’t miss the café sign outside. You are in for good coffee. They have wifi, so you can work from here and they do offer food options.

café loustic where to drink coffee in Paris, France

Dreamin Man The space is super tiny. You can grab a coffee and fresh pastries here. It opens at 8:30 am.

boot café paris france

Caféothèque  – the coffee is excellent, and the ambiance is great. I wouldn’t recommend it for wifi. I have never had good luck here.

Where to Drink Coffee in Paris

Le Peleton Café – is located in the heart of the Marais and is very close walking distance to the Seine. They also run a bike tour company from this location called Bike About Tours.

Ob-la-di – I lived around the corner and didn’t go often, but this is a hot spot for bloggers and is Instagram-friendly if that is what you want. Ob-la-di offers food options as well.

Passager – located not far from the famous croissant spot Blé Sucre (it is on my list for one of the best croissants in Paris), Pasager has a much larger space than some of the other spots in the Marais.

passager cafe paris france

Republique of Coffee – the space is a good size and is located in the Upper Marais. Republique of Coffee also offer food options. Each week, they highlight another coffee roaster, so their menu is constantly changing.

Where to drink the best coffee in Paris

Download and Save the map for your next trip to Paris. Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

P.S. If classic coffee is more of your thing. Don’t miss How to Order Coffee in Paris here.

how to order coffee in paris everyday parisian

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  1. Bonjour Rebecca,
    One of my students would like to know if she can order coffee with soy milk in France. I would love to help her, but I drink café crème or café noisette whenever I go back home. 🙂
    Could you advise?
    Is the list of coffee places updated on Google Maps?
    Merci beaucoup!

  2. Giving a shout out to Malongo on Rue St Andre des Arts.. an oasis in the coffee desert of St Germain that does not show up on lists or maps

  3. Great recommendations! Thanks Rebecca. 🙂

    (Though I am curious… How did you post this three weeks into the future ?? 😉

  4. Hi Rebecca, or should I say, Bonjour!!

    I am heading to Paris in a few weeks and enjoying your blog & appreciate your suggestions.
    Some of them are places I already know-hats off to the Regis where I spent a lot of time during my last visit because I was staying on Ile-St-Louis.

    Passes une belle journée!
    -Dina (du Canada)

    • Bonjour, Dina!

      Thank you so much! Where are you staying this time when you are back? The weather and blossoms should be lovely!