Personal : Cuyana Bag Spill 10 things I always carry with me

Shoes  Blondo , Jeans  Rag and Bone , Bag  Cuyana , Sweater  Banana Republic  

Shoes Blondo, Jeans Rag and Bone, Bag Cuyana, Sweater Banana Republic 

What I Carry in My Bag:

I am getting personal with you today and sharing some of the things that are always in my everyday bag. First off, I have raved about this bag from Cuyana before and it literally goes everywhere with me. It has more passport stamps than I had when I was 20. I carry it all over Europe and around Chicago with me. It is perfect for travel as it fits so much and it’s super durable. I can jam pack it and it still holds up. The best part about it for travel is the top zipper which is essential when traveling and there are pickpockets everywhere. This keeps everything safe and secure. So let’s get to it:

what's in my bag

1. My Wallet – I finally gave up the Prada wallet I bought at the outlet in 2003 and purchased a Marc Jacobs wallet. They are almost identical except for the color but I love the design. I can keep everything organized. When I travel I can keep American dollars and euros separate. 

2. A notebook – I love to still write things down on paper and I literally have a stack of notebooks all over my apartment. I use them for ideas and meetings. You never know when an idea will strike so it’s good to have one of these handy.  My favorite are from Rifle Paper Company


3. Pens– Of course I need them for my notebooks. I love to collect pens from the hotels that I stay at. There is nothing like looking down as you write and see the name of a hotel you had a really great stay at. I carry this Lowell pen around but I also like these from Papermate. Of course, I have to have black over blue. 

4. Caudalie Lip Balm – This is in every one of my bags and even on my night stand. I can’t live without it especially in the winter months. 

5. Red Umbrella – In Paris You never know when it might rain so I always keep one in my bag. This one is pretty lightweight. 

6. Iphone – It’s a must for keeping in touch with emails, instagram, Etsy, and the blog! Of course you need a cute case this one is from Nunuco Designs

7. Hand Cream – A must year round. My friend Jennifer got me this L’Occitane hand creme that smells like roses. I love it! I have this Caudalie one at home that is really great too. 

8. Tiny Pink Bag – I have a smaller pouch that I keep inside the big bag for small things such as hair ties for when I work out and dental floss. I picked up this bag in Florence on my old street. It has seen better days but brings me good memories. I don’t have the link for it but I do like this little one if I chose to replace it

9. Excedrin – I suffer from migraines so I keep this close by. If I feel one coming on I immediately pop two of these and if I catch it in time it saves me. 

10. A Book Club Book – I always am in search of the next month’s selection. Still deciding on this one, this one, or maybe this one? Thoughts? 

What items do you have to have in your bag? 

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  1. THE LITTLE PARIS BOOKSHOP!!! Sqweeeeeeeeeee!!! I adored that book!!
    It’s a beautiful story and I found it has healing elements woven into the story too! Je Tem (spelling???) 😉

  2. My entire life my bag has been a disaster area, even although I love order. I have no idea why the idea of "a bag within a bag" has never come to me before… but thank you. All those little bits that I need… but clogged my bag and prevented me finding anything, are now under control and it’s been life changing. So simple I feel stupid. Merci mon ami.

    • Jenni, sometimes the bigger the bag the more I can fit in it which sometimes becomes a problem. I love having " a bag within a bag" I hope you find something that suits you! I am happy to help make tiny changes that make a world of difference!! xo

  3. Excedrin migraine for me too (I feel you on this one, I am constantly rattling because I always have a big bottle with me wherever I go), I carry a pebbled leather zip around Tory Burch wallet, a few bobby pins, in the winter a giant merino wool blend wrap (that I have in three colors), Knockaround sunglasses, and newly addicted to herbacin kamille hand cream. I’m just about to wear out my expandable black Longchamp and plan to buy the exact same one when it’s on sale again!

    • Kat, Excedrin Migraine is a lifesaver! Happy to hear I am not the only one that carries it wherever I go! I need to carry sunglasses but haven’t found a pair that doesn’t give me a headache! The Longchamps do fall apart I have been through so many! Nordstrom has them on sale and I have seen them at Bloomingdales. The best price is at duty-free at CDG if you or a friend ever passes through the airport!

  4. The Nightingale is one of my all time favorite books! Highly recommend (along with "All the Light We Cannot See.")

    • Thank you Giana! I will try to dig into it this weekend. I can’t decide if it’s a good one for the month of February but so happy to hear it’s one of your favorite books. I have been wanting to read it for so long. This is why the book club is so good it makes me read more!! I hope you have a great weekend! xo

  5. Notebooks and pens are a MUST HAVE, for me, too! I am a bag-within-my-bag kinda girl, also. I have cute little zippered bags that hold my touch-up makeup, another that holds my electronics (iPod mini…yes, I’m old school. I just love my 1970s playlist!, charging cables, backup battery, headphones) and finally, another that holds my utilitarian stuff (nail file, aveeno hand lotion, burts bees lip balm, doterra peppermint beadlets (think altoids without the sugar.). Each bag is special and purchased during travels. I have also been known to carry a small Longchamp bag to hold those "I just gotta have it" purchases!

    • Oh yes! Do you have favorite pens that you carry? You hold more than I do. I thought I had a lot of stuff going on and I tried to break it down into 10! 😉 I love my longchamp and probably have about 4. I could always use another one. They are so great to fold up and pack up when you need them!

  6. My newest must have in my handbag is my hello day planner. Such a great way to organise my day, remind me to make time for important things and keep me accountable to all the things I need to be doing. Looking forward to hearing what the next read is. Hoping its The Little Paris bookshop – love that book. 💕

    • Thank you Rachel! If it’s not this month then sometime soon! I have yet to read it but so happy to hear you like it! What’s this planner? I need a new one as life is getting a little crazy and keeping track is so necessary!

      • Oooo it’s fabulous Rebecca – Pop onto the hellodayplanner IG feed and say Hi to Kirsten. I can just see you with one of the beautiful marble patterned planners.

  7. The Nightingale is so good, I loved it and I recommend that one. So many emotions were felt while reading that book.

    • Thank you Sonya! I have loved Kristen Hannah’s books for so long and this one is sitting on my kindle. I think it might be the choice 😉 Was it a fast read? Her books are lengthy.