How to Keep Your Hair Healthy


One of the most searched terms on the blog is about my hair, so I wanted to make sure there was a resource for those looking for more details. I guess I think it is funny because I am pretty traditional and classic. 

I used to wash my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY… why? I thought it was greasy and it just became more oily. I made a snap decision to force myself to go every other day and now I am at maybe two to three times a week. It has totally changed my hair and I think it is much healthier and happier. I will say, having bangs really helps. I wash them every day and sometimes twice if I work out and have a meeting afterwards. I wash and blow dry them quickly with Klorane shampoo when I wash my face. It is super easy to throw up the rest of my hair in a half top knot or ponytail and keep my bangs fresh. This helps between washes. 

I have been using Hair Rituel products since the launch in February. My two favorite products are the Hair Care Oil which smells insanely good. I throw this in after I wash my hair and put it on the ends. If I feel my hair is getting dry in between washes I will use it then as well. I condition about once a week and I have been using the Hair Rituel Hair Mask once a week. You use it from roots to ends. I typically will throw my hair up in a top knot in the shower and shave my legs while it works its magic. 


I am extremely lucky to have really talented people take care of my hair (cut and color). I have had grey hair since I was 15, it used to just be a little but now that I am 36 it is a lot more. Demi who does my color calls them “highlights.” I have been going to Spoke and Weal in Chicago since they opened and Demi Passaris has been coloring my hair just about every 8 weeks. I give her full creative control when she colors and she covers my grey hair. I always joke with her if she changes the color just a tiny bit because I can tell warmer or cooler. I completely trust her skills and talent. She usually adds a gloss on top of the color and it keeps it healthy and shiny. If you are in Chicago, I can’t recommend her enough. 


For my cut, I see Amanda Price. She is amazing and totally listens when I ask for bangs to be a tiny bit shorter because they grow like a weed. Anyone else with bangs feel this way? She cut my hair in February and I haven’t gotten a cut since because my hair has been healthy, but she has been seeing me once a month for bang trims. Amanda gets all the credit for my Bardot bangs. I cannot wait for today’s haircut with her. 


This is not a sponsored post. Demi and Amanda don’t know I am writing this about them, but hopefully they won’t mind me sharing my hair secrets with you. The Hair Rituel products were gifted to me by my friends at Sisley. I have been using them since February and I wouldn’t write about something that I didn’t truly believe in. The two magic products helped keep my hair healthy in between haircuts. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

All images of me were taken by Jennifer Claire Watkins



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  1. Your hair looks great! I stopped washing my hair daily a couple of years ago, too, and it’s been so liberating plus
    it’s healthier. The best thing for my hair health has been adopting a whole foods plant based diet. Even my hairdresser noticed that it’s thicker.