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Photo by   Jennifer Claire Watkins

I am finally home from a crazy round of travel. Cincinnati to see my Dad for Father’s Day, South of France for a project, and then back to Cleveland with my Mom to see my 92 year old grandmother. It was a LOT! My body still hurts and I am still catching up on sleep. I will share more details on Cannes/Nice as well as a roundup of June later this week in my weekly email. If you aren’t signed up yet, you can sign up here! 

I got my first haircut since February this week and it feels so good. I have been keeping my hair healthy and it is growing so long. I wrote a post all about my hair here since it is one of the most frequently searched topics. Who knew?! 

Next Saturday, July 7 is the blog’s 2 year anniversary!! Can you believe I have been blogging for two straight years? I can’t! I need help deciding how to celebrate. I am thinking of a giveaway…! Thoughts? 

The dress in the above photo of me is one of my Summer Staples, I literally wear, wash, repeat. 

I finished “The Lost Vintage” while traveling and I am ready to discuss. Has anyone else read it yet?  I just ordered “Beautiful Exiles” which has to do with a love affair with Hemingway. 

A friend of mine is in Paris this week and she is staying in the 9th arrondissement. As a little gift, I put all of her personal requests such as gluten free bakeries, coffee spots, and places to explore in a Google map that she received when she landed. You can see the map here and use it for your next trip to Paris. 

If you aren’t following this Chateau in France, I highly recommend it. I dream of visiting this place some day soon. 

When I started the blog two years ago, I was in search of a picnic basket for my launch party. I couldn’t find one anywhere unless it was $500. Now they are everywhere. I think Target has a great selection. They have this cute complete set for under $100. 

A Visit To The Largest Flower Market in Paris (holy cow!) You have to see this! I need to go next trip to Paris. 

What is Trending in The Haut Marais according to Newsweek

Social Media Etiquette (How to properly credit photographs on Social Media) 

When it comes to sunscreen, this one is my favorite. I reapply often and keep this with me. Shh. just look at my legs above they haven’t seen sun in years and I am totally ok with that! 

100 Top Bistros in Paris. Don’t miss this list if you are headed to Paris! 

My friend Julia has the most amazing eyelashes, I have had eyelash envy for months. I finally asked her what she used and it is this Benefit Mascara. Of course I bought some immediately. It is incredible!! Only $24 and my lashes have never looked better. 

Paris Launches an App to help you keep cool in the Summer heat! 

This has been my go to Summer clutch. It is the perfect shade of blush and it is under $100. 

Six Great Books For the Lover of The Left Bank

I had the pleasure of meeting Sharon Santoni of the blog, “My French Country Home” here in Chicago this past week. She is the sweetest and has so much energy. She has an amazing blog and I hope to grow up to be more like her! She offers a subscription box called “My Stylish French Box” that is hand curated with luxurious French Brands delivered right to your door. The August Box is almost SOLD OUT and the theme is French Cuisine. I can’t wait to see what is inside. You can order yours here! 

Ladurée is now at The Met! Now if we can only get them to come to Chicago next!

Lille: France’s Hidden Gem (via Frenchly) 

What are your thoughts on the block heel? It is everywhere! These look so comfortable and I love the red color. 

I ended up purchasing these which were half the price of JCrew at JCrew Factory. They almost look identical except the heel height is a little lower. I am not sure why the photo shows them in green but I purchased black. 

The Paris Bakeries That Are Going Gluten Free (mark this down or send to a friend) 

French Restaurant Week is coming to Chicago July 9th. Should we make a meet up out of it?? 

New prints are being added to the Print Shop from Antibes, France. You can shop here! 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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  1. Oh my! The blog about the Chateau de Gudanes, and the blog Good Life France, are enough reading to keep my busy for a while!