What I Packed for The South of France

South of France by Rebecca Plotnick

I had about an hour or so to pack for The South of France before heading to the airport. I landed a last minute project in Cannes and my flight left early Tuesday morning. I was still in Ohio with my family for Father’s Day and we were getting our teeth cleaned and tying up loose ends on Monday. My flight anxiety was growing and I was trying to stay calm. I was trying to plan as much as I could in my head before I landed back in Chicago Monday night. 

I knew packing in a carryon was going to make the most sense. I had a few things on my mind to purchase in my short trip but there were no guarantees. I brought along an expandable Longchamp Weekender for travel just in case I needed to check a bag for the way home. I cannot leave home without my Cuyana Travel Bags. I use one for makeup and the other for toiletries (all my French creams) I will say the Nice Airport was very tough coming back and I had too many French creams for my carryon and they pulled my bag aside and I almost missed my flight. Make sure not to go too crazy like me.

My computer, camera and passport always go in my Cuyana Top Zip Tote. I have owned this bag for two years and I swear by it. I may overpack it a bit with heavy things and it has never had an issue. It is also great with the top zip to keep all your valuables secure. It fits right on my suitcase so I don’t have to strain my shoulders. It has literally been around the world with me. 

red one piece swimsuit

I had just purchased this red swimsuit at Nordstrom Rack over the weekend so I packed it in hoped I would take a dip in The Mediterranean.  I picked up these Jimmy Fairly sunglasses in Paris and they have been put to good use so far. Sunscreen is so important. I brought Supergoop along with Sisley All Day All Year with me. 

Photo of me by Jennifer Claire Watkins 

Photo of me by Jennifer Claire Watkins 

I packed a few dresses in my carryon including this red dress from JCrew that has become a Summer staple. I might have to buy another one!

jcrew red dress

I thought about bringing espadrilles or wedges but last minute decided not to. It was a good choice since they wouldn’t fit in my carryon. I walked 12 miles in flats both days. My feet hurt from the cobblestones in sandals rather than my blondos but at 100 degrees I couldn’t imagine wearing closed shoes. These sandals are from JCrew two years ago and I still wear them. 

antibes france

From my walk back to the hotel. I couldn’t resist a photo when my dress matched the flowers. 

It was 100 degrees for the time I was in Antibes and Cannes so the lighter the clothes the better. 


I ended up bringing two cameras since I was there on assignment. My new camera was great for walking around Antibes and throwing in my Cuyana bag. 

I am all about the midi skirt right now. I packed them for the flight to and from since they are so comfortable.

antibes france

I am adding NEW photos to the Print Shop from Antibes. You can shop them here. 

Stay tuned for more details on my trip in the next post!

All photos taken by me are by Jennifer Claire Watkins

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  1. Hi! Love your blog! I live in Cannes and it NEVER gets to be 100 degrees around here. 95 degrees at most… I will agree that is gets very humid, especially this year, because we have had a very rainy Spring and the summer afternoon thunderstorms, which typically do not begin until mid-August, have been consistent. That is perhaps why you found the weather stifling a couple weeks back. In any case, this is a friendly little "mise au point".

    • Hi!

      The uber driver told me the temperature! Sorry if I wasn’t correct. Maybe it was the heat index that was 100 but it felt pretty darn hot! You are lucky to live in Cannes, it is beautiful. Thank you for following and reading the blog xo

  2. My dream is finally coming true, I’m going to France!!! And I owe it all to you, i won a contest of one of your gorgeous photos and I put it on my wall and made a wish everyday!!! Thank you for manifesting that into my life. Merci! Xoxo

    • This is amazing!! I am SO happy for you. It really does work. You can create your own destiny!! When will you be in Paris? Please send me a photo! Enjoy your adventure! xo

  3. Loved this, Jennifer. Love Cannes and Antibes too!! Mrs. Jim is going to make your Marble Cake. She read the recipe ingredients aloud to me, interpreting as she read. As she says, she reads French but is very shy in speaking it. She also took college classes when our daughter went off to colkege, taking French and Viola at our local community college. But she also subscribes and had already read that post.
    She is going to make it soon. Very pretty ref dress. Really nice picture.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the cake recipe. I can’t wait to hear what you think. I really appreciate the support with the blog. Thank you for reading.