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This week was a busy but fun one! I have been feeling a little sluggish and after waking up with a headache last Sunday I decided to cut out coffee for a bit. I am hoping this resets my system and I sleep better. I suffer from migraines and the only cure that works best for me is caffeine in the form of coffee and excedrin so fingers crossed. So far so good. I haven’t had any headaches (even from cutting out caffeine) and my sleep is slowly getting better. I have had crazy dreams this past week and I am not sure why. 

I attended dîner en blanc here in Chicago which I will be sharing in an upcoming post. It was a lot of fun but a chill hit Chicago so it felt like fall in the evening. Our Summer meetup at Petit Margeaux was a huge hit and a lot of fun. You can read all about it here

My friend Kat came over and has been really helping put my place together. I have purged a little junk and added a few new pieces including a rug and entry table. Thankfully with the new rug that really pulls the room together, I have come to like my coffee table again. I will be sharing photos soon. We are finalizing the gallery wall which will hopefully be hung by the end of September with my travel schedule. How do you all feel about a home tour? I think I will be ready soon! 

rebecca plotnick

A great link on how to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. I know this isn’t French related but I am sure I have readers that know someone in Texas or live in Texas so let’s do our part to help! 

This article by Garance Doré from is by far my favorite of the week called “Late Bloomer” 

Where the Locals Eat in Paris. Take Notes. By Author Lindsey Tramuta of “The New Paris” 

I would love to go back and visit the French Riviera and Provence more. This Gal Meets Glam Guide to the South of France is stunning. 

How Sterotypical French Are You? Via Buzz Feed

Favorite Paris Hotels by Travel and Leisure

Harvesting Salt by Hand is Making A Comeback in France by NPR

The only show I watch on TV is coming back this Fall. Here is a sneak peek at This Is Us Season 2. If you haven’t watched yet I highly recommend you catch up before the end of September. 

Summer Favorites 

The skirt I have been living in all summer from JCrew is on major sale with 40% off. 

There are a few great sales happening this weekend :

Crate and Barrel is 15% off including furniture:

While I am working on fixing up my apartment I have a few things on my wish list including this marble tray for the kitchen and this bodum press for when I am finally drinking coffee again.

Anthropologie is 20% off! This weekend only. I picked up these white bowls that I love so much. I will be doing open shelving above my stove and I use these all the time. They are really affordable too! 

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