How to Frenchify Your Hair

how to frenchify your hair everyday parisian

Wash Less not More

This takes a little effort but you can actually train your hair to need less washes per week. I only wash my hair a few times a week and it is less oily over all. I always wash and dry my bangs in the morning so I look refreshed and the rest of my hair can be every few days. For shampoo, I use the Sisley shampoo for color treated hair and the Mango and Date shampoo from Klorane.

In between washes, I always use this Hair Oil from Sisley (I had one bottle for two years) you just need one pump on the ends of your hair daily. It smells so good too. If you buy one Sisley hair product, this is the one!

Dry Shampoo

In between washes, this is a great way to prolong a blowout. Use it at night so it soaks up the oil and you will be good to go in the morning without a wash. The preferred French girl dry shampoo is Klorane. I have a small and large bottle for home. The small one is great for your bag or for travel.

Mask It

When I moved to Paris, I noticed hair conditioner wasn’t as big as in the US. I learned to use it less only once a week. I prefer a deep conditioning mask which makes my hair so soft for days instead of a daily conditioner. I LOVE the Sisley hair mask. It is a splurge but I have had the same container for two years so that should tell you something. You only need a little and I use it and throw my hair up in a top knot while I shave my legs and then rinse.


I bought the cutest headband in Montmartre on my last trip to Paris. Here are a few available online in the US. It will still be one of my favorites and goes with so many things. It is an easy way to make your dirty hair last an extra day. Trust me 😉

how to frenchify your hair everyday Parisian

Messy Chic

The French look is a bit of a messy chic. Think messy top knot or less styled and more natural.

how to frenchify your hair everyday Parisian


Classic French girl fringe (bangs) is an easy way to Frenchify Your Hair. I added bangs a few years ago and they are my favorite accessory.


Photos of me are by Katie Donnelly Photography

how to frenchify your hair everyday Parisian

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  1. I love your blog. I began one for older women travelers before quarantine…On solo traveling…for women. Found so many older women fearing solo travel.
    Oh! A new movie to be, but older film, is ‘How to Steal a Million’ with Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole. Art, Paris, Givenchy and charming story! Ageless.
    Thought I signed up for your blog which I get often, but in case I haven’t…please add me.
    I also suggest Ms Leeds in FB….She does France House Hunters plus frequent zoom meetings.
    Susan Ashley

  2. Love your blog~Am a Francophile…who’s spent a lot of time in Aix. Mix it, here in CA. (Lived in Chicago prior-Lincoln Park)
    I love the slouchy black boots!
    Found the headbands at Nordstrom…
    My facial routine uses TNS, CEFeruluc and Elta sunscreen. Am prone to skin cancer. Also Triple Lipid moisturizer….and Retin A at night. (Good routine for those of us over 50.)
    Hope snow disappears soon in one of my favorite cities! Be well.
    Susan Ashley

  3. Another great read Rebecca! The Sisley oil is pricey.
    A less expensive option I use is Nuxe Huile Prodigeuse, it smells amazing and a little goes a long
    way. I use it on the ends of my hair

    Look forward to future newsletters

    • Hi Fidelma,

      Thank you! I think the Sisley oil is pricey but at 2 years and it isn’t finished yet, it is a good investment if your budget allows.

      Good to know about the Nuxe huille. I will check it out. Thank you for the great suggestion!


  4. Hello! I have really been enjoying your “How to Frenchify…” series! I always look forward to new editions (as well as the weekly “Links I Love”)! Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Shannon! Thank you so much! I am so happy you are enjoying the Frenchify series and Links I Love. I really appreciate the feedback. xo

  5. Bonjour Rebecca, Thank you for your terrific website! I love France and French culture. It is such a delight to read your posts. Recently I discovered "Great Courses Plus;" They have a comprehensive look at the country of France in their course "Tours Through France." I highly recommend!

    • Thank you so much, June! I will check out "Great Courses Plus" I appreciate you sending along the recommendation. xo