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I am so excited to share the new EDP site with you. Grab a glass of champagne and toast to the next chapter! 🥳 The blog will be 5 years old this Summer and I wanted to invest in making the site bigger and better and more user-friendly. I started blogging on Squarespace back in 2016 and it was easier to navigate. This time around, I switched to WordPress which gives me so much more flexibility with the site. Plus, I needed a new logo and colors to go with the whole brand refresh. 

I hired a team of designers and developers to make my dream come to life. It is beyond what I imagined. The biggest difference you might see is that there is so much more content available. I have been working hard writing and creating content and on the old site, it was getting buried and you only saw what I most recently wrote. I even forgot about a lot of what I had written. The site highlights a lot of this content on different pages and categories.

My favorite things is one of the pages I love the most. It helps highlight the brands and products I love the most and makes them easy to shop.

My iPhone and Zoom backgrounds are easily accessible along with my playlists.

You can easily access what books I am reading with a look at what is on my nightstand.

You will notice, there are no ads currently on the new site and there is no paid model for a subscription. I know this was a concern for some readers. The best way to help support me as a blogger and photographer are to shop through my links (which I make a small commission through affiliates) and The Print Shop

Thank you so much for all of your support! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new site. xo

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  1. I have either read or plan to read all the books on your nightstand list except Super Simple. I look forward to more recommendations. Have you read any of the novels about the 1940s apartment that was discovered several years ago?