Paris Spring Fashion Trends 2024 

spring paris trends 2024

After each trip to Paris, one of my favorite blog posts is rounding up the best trends. I typically spend time in cafés and parks, watching Parisian fashion and making notes. My husband has joined in on the fun and enjoys spotting the fashion trends on the streets of Paris with me. My latest trip was at the end of March, going into early April, and the weather was cold and filled with rainy days. Some of the Paris spring fashion trends for 2024, I found, were spotted in Bon Marché and other shops as it wasn’t warm enough for dress season. If you have noticed any trends, I would love to hear them in the comments below. 

​Classic Paris Spring Fashion Trends 2024

trench coat trends for spring Paris 2024

The trench coat is still a classic piece for spring in Paris. I wore one on repeat throughout my trip. Pair it with ballet flats and straight-leg jeans. I love this look with a crisp button-down shirt and scarf. 

On the topic of coats, since it was still quite cold when I was in Paris there were lots of long belted coats with boots and sneakers as spillover from winter.

spring Paris trends 2024
coat trends Paris

Floral Dresses and Patterns for Spring

Floral dresses were spotted in various shops in Paris during my visit. I prefer solid colors for my fashion, and a little black dress is more my style. The loud prints and patterns don’t suit me as much. 

Baseball Hats in Paris

Baseball hat trend Paris
baseball hat trend Paris

I never thought I would see this trend hit Paris, but my husband pointed out that it was one of the top trends he had noticed. He even walked me around Bon Marché and pointed out all the retailers offering the trend. My husband has a few from Octobre, the Sézane men’s brand, and he loves them. I tried to steal one of his, but my head was too small to fit. I did find an affordable option at Madewell once I was home. This trend was observed on men and French women throughout Paris. I will note it was more of a weekend exploring the city and coffee run with comfortable walking shoes kind of look. Leave the hat at home for dinner. 

baseball hats Paris trends spring

Double Denim Trend

denim on denim trends spring 2024

Above also shares the big chunky boots and tights trend still going strong.

My husband isn’t the biggest fan of this trend, but I have been wearing it for a while now. I had to make a point of seeing it on some top influencers on Instagram before he caved. Sézane shares a lot of this in their styling. They also make a great denim shirt that is classic to wear with denim jeans or classic black pants. 

Big Hair Bows 

​This trend felt very Instagram-driven in Paris. I couldn’t tell at first if it was for photo shoots or an actual trend. They are for sale at many retailers, so either way, expect to see this one a lot. 

Bandana Hair Accessories

Bandana hair scarves have been a trend I have loved for years. I remember looking high and low in Italy for a scarf for my Amalfi Coast trip. You can now find these in tons of places at different price points. It is by far one of my favorite trends for spring. 

Crossbody Bags Paris Spring Fashion Trends 2024

Paris Spring Trends 2024

The classic Paris weekend look trending right now is a crossbody bag, sneakers, and a baseball hat. It feels very New York and far from Paris; this is what I saw on repeat.

Yes, To the Shirt Dress.

shirt dress Paris spring trends 2024

The shirt dress is flattering and fabulous for those sunny days on a terrace or backyard party. It is a good idea to have one ready to go that you feel good in your closet. Wear with pointed-toe flats, espadrilles, or a strappy sandal. 

Polka Dots for Spring Trends 2024

polka dots spring trend Paris

Polka dots are back and popping up everywhere. From dresses and hair accessories to swimming.

Basket Bags in Paris Spring

Basket bags are not new for Paris. They have been trendy for quite a while. You can find them at a wide variety of retailers in the US. Have fun with them and add in a pop of color, small or large.

basket bags trend Paris 2024 spring

Pops of Red in Paris Spring

spring Paris trends 2024 red

I love adding a pop of red to my nails, lipstick, and the perfect red dress. It was great to see this trend still going strong in Paris.

Monochromatic for Spring Trends 2024

monochromatic spring trends 2024

Shop The Outfit

I love a monochromatic look. It is simple and looks great when done well. I wore a cream sweater and jeans in Paris, and these are some of my favorite photos.

P.S. I wrote this Spring Trends post in 2019; how did I do?

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  1. I love that we American girls have always tried to look French and French girls are finally trying to look American w/ baseball caps 🧢 and 👟 sneakers!

    • yes, it is very funny! Paris is very much in love with so many American trends in style and food. Burger spots are popping up everywhere and now a lot of US chain restaurants.

  2. Love your newsletter! You are right on point for fashion trends-classy and very stylish.

  3. I was in Paris at same time as you. Two trends I noticed everywhere were the crossbody « bananne » ( fanny pack but now cross body) and in all the stores linen. Linen blouses, skirts, dresses.

  4. Monica, try They have similar raffia bags, and they ship worldwide! It’s a French company with a cool background story and mission/values. (I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I recently ordered a bag from there myself.)

    • Thank you, Abby! The sweater is Everlane and jeans are Madewell. I linked them in the post for you 🙂

  5. I just returned from Paris this week. Despite what US fashion magazines are telling us, skinny jeans are NoT dead! Women I observed were wearing skinny jeans with trainers or boots and not so much wide leg ones as we’re being led to believe. I love skinnies and I found plenty to try, unlike in the US stores where most are straight or palazzo. Viva la difference!

  6. The raffia bag in the Luxembourg photo is exactly what I’ve been looking for. MIts the Mirozi by Joee Paris. Sadly they don’t deliver in the U.S. ☹️