Movies to Watch This Fall

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The Fall weather brings chilly temperatures and rainy nights. There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a glass of wine and a good movie. I rounded up 5 reader favorites to watch this Fall. Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Comment below and share.

Movies to Watch This Fall

You’ve Got Mail

The crowd favorite. It was a clear winner when I asked readers their go-to favorite Fall movie. Another Meg Ryan favorite of mine. As soon as the weather turns, this is a movie I always think about watching.

Autumn in New York

I forgot about this movie until recently. I may have only seen it once or twice but after seeing the trailer again I am adding it to my Fall list. It has been a few years since I spent the Fall in New York City and it is beautiful.

When Harry Met Sally

A classic movie that should be watched once a year. I love the romance and on-screen chemistry of Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal and the backdrop of New York makes it even better.


This movie makes me cry every single time. It is such a sweet and touching story. I love that Isabelle is a photographer like me so I have always felt a connection with the main character. One of the kids, Ben is about my nephew’s age now and they are so alike. Adorable and mischievous. I need to watch this movie again this Fall.

Mona Lisa’s Smile

A fun fact about Mona Lisa’s Smile is you can watch it in French. It was recommended by my French teacher Caroline a few years ago. I was surprised how much I understood watching in French. This is a great way to expand your language knowledge.

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