Links I Love Week 3 Year 2024

Paris in the snow

Links I Love Week 3 Year 2024

This week was all about catching up. I officially jumped back to work and started a new schedule. It has had some successes and failures, as I am still learning what works. Henri had a checkup at the vet, and he needs to go on a diet… Poor guy, the cheese tax in 2023 was too high!

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

I loved this podcast episode on how to jump-start your morning routine. It isn’t for everyone, but I loved it and immediately sent it to multiple friends. 

How Joanna Goddard built Cup of Jo (one of the original bloggers) for ‘Smart, Funny, and Cool Women’

This is the sunscreen I use daily. It has zinc and a nice tinted color that gives me a glow even in winter. 

I had this pasta dish in Paris, and it was perfection. This recipe was a copycat; the flavors are so good together. I made it and didn’t want it to end. I was adding this to my rotation. 

How stylish men are dressing for cold weather in Paris for fashion week

The reason we sleep better at hotels Do you find this true?

I am on the hunt for the perfect little black dress for an event in early March. This one caught my eye, and I am also considering this one. If you have a favorite flattering dress, please send them my way. It is starting to stress me out!

What happens when a school bans cell phones? This was such an interesting article. 

I have been using the Peloton app at home for strength, pilates, and yoga classes. The first 60 days are free, which is a great way to kick off the new year. 

This article on Gisele from Harper’s Bazaar was refreshing and an interesting read on starting over in her authenticity era. 

These adorable pajamas are so cute for a kid that loves Paris. I want to buy them for my niece and nephew. 

After being in a bit of a rut with tv, I found My Life With The Walter Boys which is cute and light at least so far! 

My husband read this article in the WSJ (open article) on sous vide cooking and is convinced we need one, and this is how we should start cooking. Now, I have reframed it to ask for one for Valentine’s Day. Has anyone had success or enjoyed this type of cooking?

This week’s best sellers include the new frames I ordered for our gallery wall and the best dry shampoo.

9 Things to Know Before Letting Your Child Fly as an Unaccompanied Minor

Want to feel more organized? Do these 5 things daily via Real Simple 

I bought these bed sheet organizers for our linen closet! They are a game changer to keeping everything together. We have a King bed and also a guest bed that is a queen. You can choose whichever sizes you need, and they are under $10. 

J.Crew new favorites include this cardigan with navy and red stripes, which has my name all over it! 

Fennel is an acquired taste, and I really love it. I had the most amazing artichoke and fennel salad in Paris I can’t stop dreaming about. Here are a few fennel salad recipes. 

As I mentioned last week, I am trying to incorporate more salmon into my weekly rotation. This is a recipe I look forward to trying. 

Diptyque Just Released Bathroom Accessories—And We Want Everything

Speaking of Diptyque, Can a Candle Proclaim Your Cool Girl Status?

The Magic of The Mediterranean Diet via NYT 

On the Blog this Week:

What to Pack for Paris in the Winter

10 Winter Trends I Spotted in Paris 

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 

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  1. Seriously, do not choose Dress #1. Do you really want everyone to see your upper thigh when sitting down and to wonder what part of the dress might have slipped if you stand up again? I would have preferred a dress like #2, but with a plunging neckline….

  2. If it’s just the one event, get on Rent the Runway (and check ThredUp for their stock of RTR items) or The RealReal, even Poshmark. So much waste, we can all make an effort and enjoy the hunt in the process!

    • Thank you! I would be investing in the dress to wear for years to come. I appreciate the recommendation. xo

  3. Have been cooking with a Sous vide machine for many years and love it. Very easy for preparation and time. Everything comes out perfect! Highly recommend.

  4. To echo other comments here – my hubs is responsible for all our steak nights, and he SWEARS by the sous vide for it. He’ll use it to start/get it up to temp and then finish on the grill or stove, depending on the weather. It is SO good, and makes it really nice especially when cooking for guests – you don’t have to worry about being glued to the grill the whole time.

    • Thank you, Joy! This sounds promising. My husband is in charge of the grill cooking. I think we will both enjoy the sous vide machine!

  5. My fiancé loves to cook sous vide. He swears that is the best cooking method for steak (which he then sears with a blow torch). I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t offer an opinion on that, but sous vide veggies, especially his “crack” carrots are fantastic!

  6. I love both dresses the second also comes in red. It would be beautiful on you and we all need to step out of our lbd fall back. If you buy the first dress so classic, I came across a pair of drop pearl earrings (on sale j crew) that would be great with that drop shoulder. J Crew has some terrific things on sale – thanks for the link.
    Show recommendation Astrid on PBS crime drama based in Paris and the female detective is strong beautiful a tremendous heart and not a size 0 Astrid is autistic brilliant beautiful works in the criminal records division. There is a lot of heart in this show season 4 will drop in April if you donate $60 you can stream many shows from dramas mysteries (Magpie Murders ❤️‍🔥) and of course all the great documentaries. Highly recommend there’s something for everyone.

    Stay warm and safe in this frigid weather.

    • Thank you so much for your opinion on the dresses and helpful tips for jewelry options!

      I love the show recommendations. We don’t have PBS but it is worth donating to stream 🙂

  7. On the dress front, depending on what the occasion is of course, Reformation has some really nice LBDs in various lengths. I am partial to the Canice dress. Sexy but not overtly so, and it has a nice swishy little bottom hem with a small back slit to make it easier to walk and get out of cars! 🙂

  8. My husband got a sou vide – he likes it for steaks & I love it for chicken. We buy meat at Costco & I individually vacuum seal then freeze. You can start from frozen which saves time. I cook chicken breasts & then shred for salads, et

  9. Little black dress of my dreams is the “Catherine Dress” size small is available still. Gaala website.