Paris Winter Fashion Trends

Paris Winter Fashion Trends

I just returned from Paris this January and noted what French women are wearing.  Create your own wardrobe and be inspired by these Paris winter fashion trends. These trends are available in US fashion and worth investing in for the coming year. I did my best to include investment pieces and budget-friendly options for your wardrobe. 

Feel free to comment below and share your favorite Paris winter fashion trends or something you have spotted in your travels. 

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Paris Winter Fashion Trends

Paris Winter Fashion Trends

Long Wool Belted Coats

long belted coats Paris winter trends

If there is any big trend you will take away from this post to purchase, a long wool coat is it! This was a trend I saw last year and this year in Parisian women, and I don’t think the trend is going anywhere soon. Parisian winter coats are mainly seen in dark colors like black, navy, grey, and camel. I have linked several coats below at different price points. 

wool belted coats Paris

P.S. Trench coats and ballet flats are classic trends but are more suited for the spring months. You won’t see a trench coat worn much in the colder months. 

Chunky Sweater Knits: Paris Winter Fashion Trends

The winter months in Pairs are cold, and a chunky sweater is an ideal wardrobe piece, especially for rainy days. A turtleneck sweater or cardigan paired with jeans and Chelsea boots are popular. Chunky knits are a good idea to pack if you plan a winter trip to Paris.

Paris Winter Shoe Trends 

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots, specifically in black, are a key trend for the winter season in Paris. I highly recommend pairing warm socks with your Chelsea boots for the cold temperatures if you plan on exploring Paris on foot. 

Paris Winter Fashion Trends: Sneakers 

Comfortable walking shoes for Paris are a must. Parisians walk a fair amount. If you have ever taken the metro in Paris, you will know that even a connection on the metro includes many steps. The city streets are a mixture of cobblestones and pavement, and high heels should be worn cautiously. It is easy to get a heel stuck in a cobblestone. Chunky heels are more suited for Parisian streets.

Sneakers are big in Paris and worn as a part of the wardrobe year-round. As long as the weather is not too cold, you will see Parisians wearing sneakers, especially on the weekends. Vejas are a favorite brand but can be hard to find as they sell out quickly in the US. These Madewell sneakers are a reader favorite and under $100. They are on sale often and worth waiting for a sale price. You will want to break them in before a long trip to Paris. 

Knee-High Boots Paris Fashion Winter Trends

I loved seeing knee-high boots on Parisians of all ages. Pair the tall boots with a bit of black dress or sweater dress on warmer days of winter. 

Parisian Monochromatic Style 

Monochromatic Parisian style

Neutral colors are a classic for Parisian women. You will see many wearing a monochromatic look from head to toe. Black is still a popular color choice, along with many winter white spotted on my most recent trip. 

monochromatic Parisian wardrobe fashion

Winter White Fashion

winter white Paris trends

Cold Weather Accessories Parisian Trends

Paris cold weather accessories

Winter essentials include a warm scarf, wool hat, warm socks, and leather gloves. Parisian women were spotted wearing chunky scarves and hats in a monochromatic look or a bright pop of color. A pair of gloves makes a great fashion accessory on the cold grey days of winter. Go for a classic black or color. 

A travel umbrella is a must. Even if there isn’t rain in the weather forecast, you will want to keep a foldable umbrella in your bag. 

Cross Body Bags Winter Trends Spotted in Paris

crossbody bags Paris winter fashion trends

black crossbody bag

Crossbody bags are a winter wardrobe essential in Paris. Brown or black leather bags over a long wool coat are a trend I saw on repeat. Banana bags, or what Americans would call a belt bag, are big on the weekends with sneakers and jeans. 

Canvas bags are a big accessory. Many Parisians will carry additional items to work using a simple canvas bag from a local shop or with a design. I even saw canvas bags as a carry-on tote at the airport. 

Tights Winter Paris Fashion Trends

Tights are a huge trend I noticed in the fall everywhere, continuing through the winter. The Parisians have been pairing skirts and mostly shorts with them. A popular trend is black ankle boots, shorts, tights, and a button-down shirt with a sweater or blazer. It wasn’t seen as much during the dead of winter, but as soon as the weather was warm again, this trend was back on the streets. 

Paris in the Winter

Paris, in the winter, offers fewer tourists than in the warmer months of the rest of the year. Don’t underestimate the magic of Paris in the winter. This is where you will experience the city of Paris as a local. 

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  1. I love to see women with hats or scarves as opposed to the coats with hoods- just seems more “ French”- just my preference 😊