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Happy New Year! If you haven’t noticed, I have taken a very SLOW start to 2019. I spent two great weeks with my family in Florida. My niece named them “Auntie Camp”. She was spoiled with cookies, pink pancakes, movies, and daily playground visits. I love my time with the kids but it is a LOT of work. I flew back Thursday and decided to take extra time off to rest and regroup. I officially start back to work tomorrow and I know it is going to be a rough one. I have a lot of emails to tackle in my inbox, contracts to sign (yes!), and orders to ship. I can’t say taking time off from work has been easy. As someone that runs their own business, there is always something to be done. I have been struggling with it but I know it is so good for me mentally.

Galette de Rois: All You Need to know about the French tart for kings I just had my first one in Chicago last year at La Fournette in Chicago and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. You will find these in bakeries all over Paris.

For The Best Galette de Rois in Paris, let this be your guide.

11 Ways to be a better person in 2019 (this is one of my favorite reads of the week)

I was out to dinner with friends last night and the topic of my bangs came up. I cut them the day we had dinner two years ago and it has just been a funny topic since. The first cut wasn’t my favorite, but since then I have found someone that cuts them and I can’t imagine not having them. Have you considered cutting bangs? Read this.

How to set a meaningful intention for the New Year

I love seeing inside Paris apartments and how people decorate. I have been wanting a velvet couch lately and this apartment has me convinced.

Explore everyday life Paris in the 1890’s with these photographs and videos

Where the Locals Eat in Paris via Afar. Have you tried any of them?

How Millennials became the burnout generation

My current face serums are both empty so I did end up picking up this one to start the new year. I think it is so important to have one. I will work on a post on budget friendly to splurge serums and why I think you should have one in your beauty routine soon! Do you use one?

One of my favorite hotels in Paris is reopened and changed from a four star to a five star hotel. Hotel Powers is now Hotel Grand Powers. I cannot wait to visit! They have an opening discounted rate if you want to be one of the first to experience it.

The Louvre set a major record in 2018. Thanks to Beyoncé

What to do in Paris this month if you are going in January.

If you missed last week’s links I love, you can catch up here.

I recently purchased The 5 minute journal and look forward to writing in it this year. It was mentioned on a recent podcast. It is 3x more expensive on Amazon. But it is $25 here and worth it.

This print SOLD OUT in the shop but it is restocked now. It is been one of the best sellers from 2018. 

I bought a few new workout items to start 2019 back on the dance floor. I struggled with finding cute tops or just anything that looks new and fresh. Any suggestions on great places for workout clothes?

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

P.S. At the end of last year, I created a quick (less than 5 minute) survey for the blog. 10 questions to help me know what you love about the blog and what you want to see next. I would really LOVE it if you took 5 minutes to answer the questions. It is anonymous so please be honest.

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