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If you follow me on Instagram, you know there is nothing I like more than a clean kitchen. It is definitely my love language. When my fiance wants to make me happy, he will empty the dishwasher and clean the counters. ❤️

I have spoken about it before but keeping a clean kitchen helps me feel somewhat put together in this crazy world and it is something I can control. Please don’t read into this. We ALL have our things.

I spend the most time in the kitchen outside of bed. Henri is sleeping on the floor right next to me while I write this in the kitchen. It is easy to let him out or feed him while I get work done. It gets the best light in the house and I love having the big window to work next to.

We eat in most of the week except when I don’t feel like cooking or don’t have the time. The last time we ordered in was Christmas for Chinese food.

We grocery shop A LOT! I frequent Plum Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s. Keeping a well-stocked fridge and pantry is also one of my love languages. I just really love healthy fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats ready to go to cook and eat. I do a lot of food prep to make sure items are easy to grab and go. Yes, it is probably a lot more work but it pays off in the end. We end up saving a lot of money by not eating out and we are healthier. (less processed foods and added oil/butter).

For the Fridge:

One of my favorite items I purchased about a year ago were these Rubbermaid containers. I love them so much and the different sizes are key! I first purchased the plastic version because I didn’t know they made them in glass and have slowly transitioned to any glass option. They keep my food fresh longer and it is so nice to be able to see what is inside the fridge with the containers. The plastic ones I have used to ship cookies to my sister and dad. They are now big fans of the containers too! I have a drawer filled with them. They wash in the dishwasher very well and stack nicely. If you buy anything from my recommendations these are it!

For the Pantry:

I love these OXO containers for the storage of dry ingredients. Pasta, baking ingredients, nuts, and rice all go in here. It helps reduce the amount of packaging in the fridge and I can find things more easily. I have smaller sets of the XO packages but I will probably register for this one for the wedding.

I also have the Rubbermaid version of the OXO containers and they are fabulous!

I use a lot of oil, vinegar, and spices for recipes. I have this lazy Susan for my oils which have been really helpful in the pantry!

Next to the sink, I have this caddy to hold my sponge and scrubber.

For under the sink, I have these drawers and organizers.

We have a Dyson vacuum that takes up just about everything. There are crumbs ALL the time around here. Henri loves people food, but he has never taken to picking up crumbs.

For the counters, I like to wipe everything down with a gentle cleanser. This one smells really good.

I always turn on the dishwasher before bed and make sure the sink is clean. After Henri has his morning walk, I will empty the dishwasher while our robot vacuum does a quick clean of the floors.

Do you have a favorite clean routine? Any favorite cleaning or organizational items? Drop them below and share.

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  1. Loved reading this! I am ordering the glass containers and will start prepping snack veggies.

    Thought I’d share my 2 favorite recent kitchen cleaning/organizing purchases:

    1. Papaya paper towels – I use way too many paper towels to clean etc. and recently discovered a reusable towel that is so much thicker and higher quality than any other reusables I have tried. It actually feels like a paper towel when damp. (

    2. Glidez Sliding Organizers – For under cabinet slide out organizers Glidez brand is a much heavier gauge metal and better quality than most. Have had them in other homes and just found one that works in our new house under the kitchen sink. It’s a very narrow width, which is perfect in a tight space with a garbage disposal. (Available on Amazon)

    • Hi!

      Yes, it’s a process but I wash and cut my vegetables and fruits before putting them in the Rubbermaid containers. It makes it so easy throughout the week to grab healthy foods and snacks on the go and prep dinner!