Henri and Me Week 5

henri and me everyday parisian

If you are wondering where the Henri updates and photos are, we are a little behind. Having a puppy at this stage is like having a toddler. OMG is he a lot of work. Henri hates when I open my laptop (see photo below) and prefers we play instead of work. If only this were the case! We are having so much fun together, and everything is very new and exciting.

henri and me everyday parisian

A little backstory on Henri because I get asked the same questions a lot. Henri is a Mini Bernedoodle. The vet estimated him around 30 lbs full grown at his last check-up but it all depends on his 4-month weight. Right now he had a solid growth spurt so that final weight might go up. He is perfect just the way he is and I love him the size he is right now.

We had a few weeks of significant snowfall in most of February and it is finally melting. Henri loved the snow so much. He would go out and play and run around and even stick his face right in it. He would come in covered in tiny snow pieces and I had to dig ice out of his little paws.

henri and me

He is growing so fast. I feel every time he wakes up and gets out of his crate, he is bigger. How is that possible?

henri and me

henri and me

I picked him up a new bed this past week because his old bed was way too small, yet he still loves the old original bed more than anything else I buy him.

henri and me everyday parisian

henri and me

henri and me

I expanded his crate so he has a much bigger space to sleep. Sometimes, I will find him in there just because he loves it. I joke that he puts himself in time out.

He is headed to the vet for his second shot and hopefully, we will be able to socialize him more with other dogs. We just started going for walks and it really tires him out which is a good thing for both of us. We were able to get a nap on the couch together once when he was very tired. He is slowly making his way to the couch, but not the bed just yet. You will remember he had an accident once he got on my white sheets and I had to make a late-night laundry wash and dry before we could get to bed on a Sunday night.


Update: Since I didn’t get this post out until after his vet check. Henri weighed in at 17 lbs! I knew he was growing but, that is a big jump from the little 11 lbs guy I had just a month previous.

He has one more shot before he can start socializing in late March, early April.

His favorite toys are this green ball, his lamb (which he on his second one), and these Nylabones have been a lifesaver. I ended up buying a big bag at Target his week. He loves to play catch in the house. When he runs to get the ball his little legs slip under him on the floor. I throw him the ball or a toy and he runs to get it and then runs straight back to me with a little love push and puts his face in my chest and sits on my lap. It is the cutest thing! I wish I could video it.

Everyone told me it was going to be a lot of work. I knew it would be but I totally thought I could handle it. The last couple of weeks of cold temperatures and crazy puppy energy has been a challenge. His love and snuggles completely make up for all the trouble he causes during the day.

Thank you so much to all of you and your sweet words, message, and love to Henri. He sends puppy kisses and loves you right back.

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  1. Love, love Henri!!!
    We had a Shetland sheep dog ……loved the snow.
    We kept a portable hair dryer when she came in and who ever let her in was their job
    to "defrost her"…….! And to get the ice out between her paws…….
    Miss th I se days

  2. LOVE the picture of Henri covered in snow! So cute! I know that everyone tells you what to do and what not to do with puppies. I was told that I MUST crate my puppy (a Jack Russell terrier). I did and she went nuts. Then, the vet advised that we have an open kennel where it was basically a tall fenced in area. So, I bought that. Then, she climbed it and gave herself a hernia. So, needless to say, I changed what I was going to do based on what I wanted. She is spirited. She sleeps with me. People lose their minds about stuff like that but I really don’t care. She is 10 now and we are happy. That might make me a bad mama but it is what works for us. It is work but I think it is so worth it.

  3. We brought our bernedoodle, Emmet, home 3 years ago and he has been the greatest joy (especially during this pandemic) as I’m sure Henri already is. Hoping we’re likely done with snow for now, but a tip that worked for us – a kitchen whisk was amazing for breaking up and getting the snowballs off of them (won’t work for the snow in between the toes unfortunately). Enjoy Henri. ❤️

  4. It took a while but my labradoodle Seamus finally knows to sit on the rug in my mud room so I can wipe his feet. The snow is a challenge! We haven’t had much in my part of New England this year. My best advice to you is be consistent with him and reward positive behaviors! Henri is so cute!

    • Henri says hello to Seamus and sends kisses 🐶❤️

      Thank you! I appreciate your advice and I will continue to be consistent and reward Henri with positive behavior. We will get there 🙂

      Please keep in touch! xo

  5. We have a goldendoodle who is very fluffy, and we’ve found that a small wire whisk is great for helping to get those little ice/snow balls off of her feet and legs!

    • Hi Denise,

      Thank you! Henri is such a stinker, he runs in the house the minute he can and he makes me chase him with a towel. He thinks it’s a game. I will try the whisk the next time. I know we will need it once he gets bigger!