Henri and Me Two Months

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Henri has officially been with me for two months! I remind him every Friday that it is another week with me. He is a mini Bernedoodle (for those that will ask) he is around 20 lbs now and growing. The vet says to double his weight at 4 months so I am guessing he will be around 40 lbs full grown. I feel like every morning I take him from his crate he has grown.


He is starting to lose his puppy teeth and has gummy spots in his mouth. He is teething and uncomfortable like any baby going through a transition. He has puppy crazies at night and is the sweetest thing when he is tired and wants to cuddle. He loves chicken more than just about anything. Every time the fridge opens, he runs from the other room just to sit and see if there is something for him. He loves to run and I hate it. I compromised and have bought running shoes and we run one or two blocks home. This helps me build my strength and push him through to get tired enough to rest at home so I can work again.

Henri loves watching TV at night and is enjoying Stanley Tucci and HGTV right now. Any dog he sees on the TV Henri stops and stares. He would love more than anything to have permission to be on the bed at night but he just isn’t there yet with potty training.

His favorite spot is in the corner just under my desk. There are times when I can’t find him and I finally look under the desk and there he is asleep.



Recently, Henri jumped up on the couch in the front room on his own and I walked in and he was sitting there. He wasn’t sure if he was in trouble or I would be happy so he waited and just looked at me until he wagged his tail. I couldn’t help but smile and laugh because he was so proud of himself.

Having a puppy comes with challenges. I had no idea it was SO hard. My sister warned me when I told her I was getting a puppy but I didn’t believe it. I struggle to manage work and give Henri the attention he wants. He is still a puppy and is testing his boundaries. There are moments when I am on a call and I can’t give him my full attention and he gets into something he shouldn’t or he stares at me and pees in the corner. 😂



The hard parts are nestled between snuggles on the couch, lots of kisses, and the cutest face following me around the house all day. Life is better with Henri! He has been such a bright spot in a hard year and I am so grateful that he is by my side and has given me something to smile about each and every morning.


Henri has his last shot at the vet next week and then I would love to do a socially distanced meetup in Chicago at a park. I will do this very informally in my neighborhood if people want to join. Henri loves people, babies, and other dogs and would love to meet YOU!

This post includes affiliate links that help contribute to Henri’s dog treat fund. Merci!

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  1. Dear Rebecca,
    Your Henri is adorable, I am so happy you have him in your life. I have a new pussy cat, she is a lilac point Snow Shoe and her name is Cosette. Fur babies just make our lives more fun, and who doesn’t need a big ball of fur to come home. Have fun with Henri, everyday is an adventure m!
    I love your updates.
    Take care,
    Candy ❤️🐾❤️

  2. Dear Rebecca,
    You’ve made it through this year and seems your sanity is intact. Henri is adorable. His markings are similar to my pup whose name is “Tulleries” (Often called Tuila or Tutu)
    How I miss Paris and will always remember our lunch at Cafe Marly.
    Best to you for a fabulous Spring awakening. Gale Adams

    • Dear Gale,

      Thank you! I hope you made it through 2020 and your sanity is still intact as well. Your puppy name is adorable! Now I need a second one 🐶😍 Tell Tuila Henri says hello and sends puppy kisses.

      I miss Paris so much and I know you do as well. I loved our lunch at Café Marly. I hope we get the chance to do it again in the future.

      Lots of love! It is really great to hear from you xo

  3. Henri is so sweet! I love all the photos you post. And in my mind I’m always pronouncing his name “en français”.

    Our Hudson, 18 month old AussieDoodle, had a big growth spurt at four months and we were alarmed — worried he’d be HUGE, but thankfully his growth slowed and he’s ended up at 46 pounds, (which is sadly, just enough weight to scratch up our engineered wood floors, even though we grind his nails weekly.)

    As for high energy dogs, I highly recommend playing fetch — we take two balls and a Chuck-it to the park down the street a couple of times a day, and he flies after the balls and tires himself out. Playing with other pups at the dog park is also a great way to burn off energy, because the regular walks weren’t quite enough.

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you! Some people call him Henri with a French accent. I am so worried he will be BIG. It is good to know yours had a growth spurt and then slowed down. He gets his vet check this week so hopefully, we will know more. He has really chunked up these past few weeks 🙂

      Henri loves playing fetch with the ball inside. He is now playing by himself but prefers me to throw it to him. He gets his last shot this week and then he can socialize at the dog park. He is very social with every baby, kid, person, and dog he meets so I think he will really be happy when he gets to hang out with multiple dogs at the park! He now runs and wags his tail when he gets to go on walks.

      Henri sends puppy kisses to your Hudson! ❤️🐶

  4. I love love love reading about Henri. I think all the doodle breeds are so sweet and playful. We have a four year black labradoodle named Seamus. He runs in every time he hears the fridge too! And though I hate running too he got me up and moving, first walking and then running. Now my husband walks him most of the time because I run about 5-8 miles a day. So you never know.

    • Stephanie,

      Thank you! Tell Seamus, Henri says hello! What a cute name! I am so happy you have a wonderful companion at home too. I will keep you posted on the running part because it is true, you just never know!

      Lots of love xo

  5. Non-puppy related question first: I LOVE LOVE that photo you have above Henri’s table!!!! Which one is it?

    Now puppy……..he is just the cutest thing I have seen! Alot of work but so rewarding in the end!

  6. I am enjoying watching Henri grow. We have a 7 month old black and white Australian Labradoodle. I have had puppies/ dogs before but apparently I forgot how much work a puppy is. Millie, our doodle, is beginning to slow down. We are starting an in person puppy class this week outdoors so I am hopeful we are getting there!

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much! How big is your Labradoodle? I love Henri little and he is growing so fast! It is so much work but also rewarding and fun. He keeps life entertaining for sure. Keep me posted on how the puppy class goes. I need to sign Henri up as well now that we can do it outside. 🙂