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As warmer weather returns, I am starting to make plans outdoors with friends. I had afternoon tea and made madeleines using this recipe. I had my first dinner out in a year, I will share more details about this next week. It was outside and felt relatively comfortable all things considered. Henri stayed home and I had serious mom guilt! Henri has a big week coming up with his second shot so he can socialize and his first haircut is scheduled. I think he has a few pounds of fur covering his little growing body! I wrote a blog post about Henri and me and our first two months here.

How the Vaccine Will Change World Travel

How to Drive Across the Country

Forgotten History: The Women Who Faught in the French Resistance

The New Generation of Rose Perfumes

National Dry Shampoo Day was March 14, I wrote a blog post with Klorane here on how I keep my bangs fresh with the help of dry shampoo.

The French Women Transforming Big Tech

I really enjoyed this How I Built This podcast episode with Rick Steves. I completely forgot that leading up to my first trips in 2010/2013 to Paris I used to listen to a series Rick Steves did as audio that I had downloaded. I learned about the culture and the arrondissements as I fell asleep. I was so excited and nervous for my first solo trip to Paris and he really put me at ease.

These chocolate speckles look so fun to bake with Bobby and Emma. They love rainbow and chocolate!

Dior and Schiaparelli weave surreal fairytales at Paris fashion week

Henri and I cuddled on Friday night on the couch for the first time to watch Netflix. I got hooked on Ginny and Georgia. (Trailer) He put his head right on top of me and wanted to snuggle. It made all the hard times of this week seem not as bad.

I am intrigued by this Weeknight Baking cookbook.

When we will be able to travel to Europe according to Afar. This is very helpful and covers multiple countries and current states. This also makes me very sad.

Frenchify Your Glasses, these would all make great additions to your barware at home.

Every Friday, Henri and I water the plants. I have a growing collection at home which he loves to destroy. This “ I Love You” planter is so cute. We might need it for one of our plants.

I discovered this guy while reading Sephora reviews for a product and I was so surprised. The content creator that can make or break a skincare brand

Embracing Blush and the new way to wear it

A reader sent this Youtube video to me that made me laugh. Clingy Dog? Henri is so many of these 😂

My wallpaper in the front entry from Serena and Lily is currently 20% off with code NEWLEAF. Everything is 20% off including these bistro chairs and this cane bed that I dream about.

Navigating friendships during the pandemic. I have thought a lot about this lately. Some of my friendships feel like they have gotten stronger and others have fizzled out. It is really sad but this is the reality.

I am very into this hoodie and comfy shorts for the warmer months. I feel like my mom, sister, and I all need to match!

How French women are reclaiming the streets of Paris (video)

I added this to my skincare routine. A daily exfoliant is so important with soaking in creams and serums. Plus, this one helps with pollution in the air and changes in the environment.

What designers and photographers missed most about Paris fashion week according to Vogue

The pandemic anniversary can be triggering. I know I was emotional at knowing how much the world changed a year ago. This article is helpful. Also, I wrote this post about A Year with No Travel my reflections back on this past year. This is probably one of the most personal posts I have written in a long time.

Why older people managed to stay happier during the pandemic (NYT)

On the blog:

How to Fight A Pimple Coming On

My Favorite Podcasts

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