Re-entry Anxiety

Photo of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

Photo of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

A few weeks ago, I was watching the news as I usually do with Lester Holt. I have spent most of my evenings with Lester Holt the last year through Covid and the election. There was a news story last night about re-entry anxiety that really struck me. I stood there just staring at the tv. This was me! I have googled to find an article and I haven’t found anything written in 2021.

So let’s talk about how re-entry anxiety and perhaps you might be feeling the same as me.

What exactly is Re-entry anxiety?

Now that the world is opening up again, I would say that re-entry anxiety is having anxiety about the world opening up with fears and concerns that Covid-19 risks are still present. The world changed pretty quickly when we went in lockdown mode and there was so much fear in us to do daily activities. Now that virus rates are down and we have a vaccine rollout plan, restaurants, and other venues are opening and there are fewer restrictions on us.

2020 was so challenging. 2021 we had hope for a light switch of normalcy and that has not happened. My anxiety is still here and so is Covid. What we do have is an effective vaccine that is currently being rolled out. So what do we do now?

For the last year, I have been strict on social distancing, masks, and doing my best to keep myself safe and making the best decision when it comes to seeing family and friends. As restrictions are lifted, and vaccines are being administered, how does life change?

I would like to say that it is an easy mental switch when someone tells me they have been vaccinated to feel at ease. We don’t have solid information on how the disease is spread from vaccinated people to unvaccinated people and the variants.

How do I ease my re-entry anxiety?

For now, I am open and honest with friends about what I feel most comfortable doing. Before meeting, I will send a text asking for plans to stay outside and masks present. Make sure you are open, communicate and your friends are on the same page.

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Baby Steps

This is the KEY! Do what you feel is best for YOU. This is your body and your health. Also, go at your own pace.

I haven’t eaten out at a restaurant in a year. This past weekend, I made a reservation for outdoor dining. I went to a place I knew and I was able to sit in a spot that was well distanced from other tables. Masks were present for both the staff and we were required to wear them when the staff was present.

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Know that you are not alone. While visiting with friends over the weekend I mentioned, re-entry anxiety and they too had the lightbulb moment. It totally made sense!

Stay safe and be well and know that we are getting closer to again a new “normal”.

I loved this article in The Wall Street Journal. As The World Opens Up, A Plea for Patience and Grace.

Also, here is another great one from last year on ways to cope. 

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    • Hi Martha,

      Thank you! I am happy to hear that it helped a bit. You are not alone. Stay safe and be well.


  1. Thank you for sharing so thoughtfully, and putting to paper something I too am experiencing. Prends bien sois de vous et Henri!

  2. You are not alone! I have the same feelings/fears. Your post is good advice, especially just to do what one feels comfortable doing and not feel pressured by others.

    • Thank you, Denise! It feels good to not be alone in this. I feel I am judged sometimes by others who don’t have the same feelings as me. I hope you are doing well as we transition to another new normal. Sending you lots of love!

  3. You said it well Rebecca, it’ll be another new normal. You hit the nail on the head, communicate with those close to you and do what’s best for you! I’m curious to see how it will unfold here (in Canada) and slowly opening back up.

    • Thank you, Natalie! I know Canada has had some struggles with the vaccine rollout and opening. Sending you lots of love. Keep in touch and let me know how it is going for you. I am here for you and so is Henri!

    • I can’t wait to meet friends in person again. Henri too! He is way more social than me ❤️🐶