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I had a chat with my new designer friend Abby last week and we were talking about design ideas. I am never one that has completed a room or home in one swoop. I love the idea of a slow design. (that’s what Abby calls it) I prefer to hunt for the perfect rug or bedside table until it makes the room just right. Your home should always be a reflection of you. I have spent a lot of time hunting for antiques over the years to make my space unique. (I share a few spots I have found luck for pieces below).

There are is always room for improvement. When you slowly put a room together, you can always make a slight change and make the whole room feel different. A lot of you mentioned that you were looking for refresh ideas for your bedroom. Below are some items that I found on different home websites. I mixed and matched the items to give you different bedroom looks.

Don’t feel the pressure to buy it all or buy anything. Update your bedside lamps, your bedding, or the color on your walls for a new look. New art can also change the feel of your bedroom. I included some of my own pieces from The Print Shop to add Paris and Italy to your home.


Pictured above from Left to Right: Best Seller Set of 4, Black and White Set of 3, Eiffel Tower Avenue Rapp, Romantic Rooftops of Paris, Capri Set of 3, Summer in Positano.

When it comes to bedroom art. You can either do one large piece above the bed or frame a few pieces to carry along the bed frame. Depending on the size of your bed, you can either have small sets of 8×10 or 11×14 frames. I recommend these frames. If you want to make the space a bit larger, opt for a frame with matting. This would take an 8×10 to an 11×14 and an 11×14 to 16×20.


Adding a mirror can make a room look much larger. I love a full-length mirror to see my whole outfit. You can also style a mirror leaning on a dresser.


You know I love my Boll and Branch bedding. They gave me a coupon code for 15% off REBECCAP at checkout. (some exclusions may apply) Henri loves it too! The waffle blanket and signature hemmed sheets are our top two favorites. We also own the duvet, comforter insert, and pillows. This is a fun way to add a pop of color to your bedroom without changing much else. Add a different color duvet or waffle blanket. We just added this new color.


In my old place, I had an antique iron bed I found at an antique spot and was a gift from my aunt. Currently, in my new place, we have a fabric upholstered bed that is grey and is neutral with the rest of the calming colors in the room.




Lamps, candles, and small decorative pieces are fun ways to accessorize your bedroom. Less is more. So just a few things. On my nightstand, I have a candle, my hatch (sleep), a good book, and a photograph. I also have a little ceramic piece that was my grandmother’s I keep rings and earrings in.

P.S. Facebook Marketplace, The Randolph Antique Market, Warehouse 55, and resale shops are great places to look for unique vintage and antique finds.

*This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased from my links. Merci!

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  1. These are great suggestions – and if you want another source to find some amazing pieces, small town auctions can be it. When my last parent passed, I put most of their possessions (save what my brother and I wanted) and I was shocked to see how inexpensive things went – like a 9 foot pecan wood, down-filled paisley (linen fabric!) sofa that looked like it was from Paris — went for $100! Beautiful mirrors and lamps like you can’t find these days – went for $75-150. Same with most furniture which was real wood with gorgeous accents as well as decorative accessories including beautiful paintings. It went so inexpensively because there weren’t many people there to bid and in a smaller town these old world European styles aren’t as popular. Check out towns near a city for these types of auctions. You can get gorgeous stuff for a song!