The Paris Hangover

Paris Hangover is a real thing. I am back stateside but my heart is in Paris. The only food craving I have is for a warm fresh baguette straight out of the oven. To be honest, I am feeling a little off these first days back. I know it won’t last long. I am throwing myself into editing images from my latest trip so I can hold onto Paris a little while longer. Can anyone else relate? What is the cure?

xo Rebecca

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  1. There is no cure for Paris hangover. The only sure fire method to treat the hangover is to immediately begin planning a future trip to Paris and environs and to thoroughly read your blog and view your photos. The Spotify playlists are a great help aussi. We left Avignon for London by train 2 days before France closed due to Covid-19, then returned to the U.S. Have not been able to return since then. I am surviving by planning an extensive trip back to Paris in the summer of 2022 alone and with friends and family if possible.

  2. Ugh… I’ve been back for nearly two months and I’m still not feeling completely whole! Still seeking a cure but in the interim I’ve been writing for the blog (which lets me look at pretty pictures, so it’s a temporary salve) but I’m pretty sure the cure is just to go back to Paris!

  3. Hello Rebecca,

    My name is Larissa, I am a Francophile from Melbourne, Australia. I have been following your blog for some time now and I absolutely love it.

    I too experience Paris Hangover. It is real! I think it demonstrates your love for the city, not only the physical beauty of the place, but the lifestyle, the food, the people, the "feel" of the city. Just that feeling of being there.

    I suspect the possible cures for Paris Hangover are as numerous and unique as the flavours at Berthillon. Upon returning from a trip to France, I look to find France/Paris everywhere I can! I recently discovered a few cafes in Melbourne that stock a small range of the Mariage Freres tea which pleased me no end. Listening to French music, reading French-themed books and magazines, looking through my photos, wearing a scarf, studying the language, getting a manicure in bright red – all these things help me overcome the Paris Hangover and settle back into life at home. And, of course, the ultimate cure (if possible) – setting a date for the next trip! There’s nothing quite like having your ‘next trip’ to Paris to look forward to.

    It takes a little while for me, but eventually my heart comes back to Melbourne – with Paris firmly in it.