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Earlier this week, I was in my kitchen preparing a meal and I had a little spark of a memory. My grandmother (Dad’s mom) and I were super close. She passed away a few years ago and we miss her a lot. I was able to reconnect with my aunts and uncles at this time which has been a great gift.

My uncle’s wife ( my aunt Cardi) is an amazing cook. We spend hours in her kitchen cooking and baking and she tells me stories about my grandmother. These are my favorite times, I wish I visited them in NJ more often. This is what sparked my memory as I was cooking. On Sundays, my whole family used to read the newspaper. They would spend hours with a cup of coffee reading the NYT. My grandmother used to clip articles and mail them to me and then my aunt and uncle would do the same. Now they send me emails with links to articles from time to time. 

As I was cooking in the kitchen, I smiled knowing that I was continuing this tradition of sharing my favorite articles with all of you with this Sunday roundup. Do you have any favorite family traditions that you have continued?

In case you wanted to know what I was making in the kitchen, vanilla sablés from Dorrie Greenspan. I usually make the World Peace Cookies which is the chocolate version but I wanted to try this recipe. She has a new cookbook coming out later this year which I am hoping to buy for my Aunt and have Dorrie sign when she comes to Chicago in November. 

What Living in France has Taught me About Burnout (So important to read) via Prêt à Voyager 

The official Trailer for Collette is out with Keira Knightley I didn’t know the story before but I am intrigued and the trailer gave me goosebumps. 

The Last Light in Paris

The Dos/Don’ts of Paris via Francofly

Chicago friends: There is a Gaugin film at The Siskel Film Center in Chicago titled “Gaugin: Voyage to Tahiti” It is one week only. Make sure to check showing dates and times here. 


Tickets are $11 per person but if you mention “Parisian” when you buy the tickets in person they are $7. I hope you take the opportunity to see this.

Paris to Install Giant Screen at Eiffel Tower to watch The World Cup Final. 

Hotel Lutetia Reopens in Paris after a $234 Million Dollar Makeover. It has been on my bucket list for a while. The hotel has been under renovation for 4 years and there is a lot of history of the hotel during World War II. You can read more in this article. I hope I get the chance to stay here in the near future. There is even a quick video on the restoration you can watch here. 

31 Tiny Moments that make Paris special. Do you agree?

Paris to Triple the Size of Gard du Nord in anticipation of the upcoming Olympics. You have to see the sketches! 

I loved reading the story of this blogger who is over 50 and her attitude on life. A great read by Carla. 

A Mom of One on What it’s Like  Feeding Her Family in Paris

The End of The Metro Ticket… I save a lot of mine and it always makes me happy to find one in my pocket a few months later unexpectedly. So  many great memories. I will be sad to see this part of Paris go. 

I added a bestsellers page to the Print Shop which makes shopping much easier! 

A Parisian Weekend with Sézane. They created outfits for different neighborhoods that fit each personality. So cute!! 

A friend gave me a stack of books this week when I saw her. Most are along the same theme and I ended up buying a few by reader recommendations. My Summer Reading list is pretty long. I am starting with “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” has anyone read it? 

every day parisian book club

I continued my apartment purging and decided to move around some furniture. This may be my favorite new spot. I so happy I bought this mirror last year! This is a snap from my phone after I moved everything. I am working on putting this place together (finally!)

In Case You Missed It 

48 Hours in The South of France

What I Packed for the South of France

My Two Year Blog Anniversary

My First Recipe in French

What I bought at The Nordstrom Sale

These Zella leggings are a favorite from last year. I bought them in all three colors because I work out daily and needed to refresh my stack of workout clothes. 

The Tata Harper Full Skincare Regimen Set. It is only $144. (normally $202) I am currently using a bunch of her products now and LOVE them. I felt it was best to stock up while it was on sale. The cleanser has changed my skin. 

Marseille Soap Duo in Rose and Wild Flower. I have wanted these soaps for SO long but carrying them home in my suitcase didn’t make sense since they are glass bottles. I am really happy they now sell them in the States. They make a great soap for the bathroom or guest bathroom. 

This Longchamp Bag sold out last year rather quickly and it was the same this year. Hopefully they will restock. Nordstrom had some hiccups with their system on the first day. I got it in PINK!! I am not sure if I will keep it just yet as everyone warns me it gets dirty, but it is my color. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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  1. I’m relieved that the metro tickets aren’t going away until next year. I’ll be going to Paris for the first time in September and am glad that I’ll be able to have them as a memento.