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Best articles to read about Paris, France via Every Day Parisian

The days of Summer are coming to an end. I am trying to hold onto as many nights out with friends and long walks before the weather will eventually turn. Is it just me or did Summer fly by way too fast this year? I have a few more weeks until I start traveling again. I am in Florida over Labor Day to visit my family and celebrate the birthdays of my niece and nephew over Labor Day.

It was another busy week for me balancing work projects, photo shoots, and a big personal project. It has been stressful, but I hope to share in the next couple of weeks! I needed a little unplugging so I signed into Netflix where I watched The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. It was so good! If you have Netflix, I highly recommend it! I missed the book but a lot of people tell me the book was even better! 

7 Ways to Look Better in Photos via Garance Doré

Meet the Youngest Winner of Paris’ Grand Prize for Best Baguette

This may be my favorite read of the week: “Single Girl Seeks Role Model”

Scorching Summer in Europe Signals Long-Term Climate Changes

Are you a fan of Nutella? This may be your dream job.

What You Never Knew About Notre Dame Cathedral

Once Polluted, The Chicago River Bounces Back

My Favorite Hair Accessory of The Summer

A video of France in 1928, it is great to see this glimpse of Paris in black and white. 

In case you forget to bring your book to the beach in France, there are seaside libraries here. My dream come true! 

Every Woman in Paris Owns these 8 Décor Pieces. Making notes for my next place! 

How to Spend a Perfect Sunday in Paris according to Frenchly

Shop The Best Sellers from The Print Shop

Parisian Chic Journal

This Parisian Chic Journal Launches on August 21. I need one ASAP. Back to school gift or Christmas wish list. (hint)

The Pollution in Paris is so bad right now that it is equivalent to smoking 9 packs of cigarettes if you are there for a full 4 days. The Summer heat did not help this. 

I wore this dress in Pink which is one of my favorite Summer dresses. It washes and wears so well. 

pink summer dress

Letters to my Younger Self via Cupcakes and Cashmere. Such a good read! 

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5 Museums to Visit in Paris that aren’t the Louvre

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  1. That figure about pollution is actually for a year, not four days. It’s the equivalent of two cigarettes every four days (not sure why they didn’t just say one cigarette every other day!). From the article: "More concretely, if you walk four days in the capital, your body will suffer the same impact as if you smoked two cigarettes, which represents 183 cigarettes (9 packs) over a year."