Links I Love Week 27

Links I Love Week 27

Ciao from Italy! I am visiting Lake Como with my family including my niece and nephew. It has been so fun discovering Italy through their eyes and daily gelato stops to beat the heat. They have been amazing travelers and have more energy than all of us combined! I promise to share where we stayed, ate/drank, and explored as soon as we return home and rest. My fiancé and I are headed to Portofino for a few days before returning to Chicago. You can always catch what we are up to on Instagram stories if you want more behind-the-scenes Italy.

Grab your coffee and croissants or cappuccino and biscotti for this week’s links I love. This is a holiday weekend in the US so enjoy a longer than usual roundup to enjoy through Monday.

Links I Love Week 27

There are two exciting events happening in Chicago where we can hang out! The blog turns 6 on July 7th! Diptyque in Chicago is hosting my anniversary party. Space is limited so make sure you RSVP here. Also, Bastille Day is just around the corner. Lincoln Common which is a fun area in Lincoln Park will be hosting a great celebration in the evening from 5-7 pm. There will be French food, drink, and entertainment. Also, Henri and I will be at both!! 

The most affordable fine-dining restaurants in Paris according to Fodors 

The interiors that made Nancy Meyers a design icon Do you have a favorite?

TSA Is No Longer Scanning Boarding Passes at These Airports

14 of the best mascaras tested by Elle This is one of the only things I can’t live without. I use a department store mascara I love but I want to try some of these to see how they compare. 

Klorane is having their friends and family sale. It is 25% off. I am stocking up on my favorite Mango shampoo, dry oat shampoo for days when I don’t wash my hair, and gel eye patches for late nights and early mornings. These feel so good when you pop them in the fridge in the summer. Use the code 25FORME at checkout 

The summer archives from Sézane are here.

This is a great opportunity to get some great clothes at a discount. They only do this twice a year. You can see my sizing guide here if you are stuck on what size to order. 

I haven’t been awake late enough to watch Jimmy Fallon these days but I really enjoyed this podcast featuring him. I loved hearing his story of how he got started. He sounds humble and grateful for his success. 

The airport strike in France drags on. If you are traveling to Paris or another part of France, you want to be aware. 

You will be charged to visit Europe from 2023 

Summersalt is still 30% off. I love this brand for swimsuits. They are super flattering on all body types. I have the sidestroke in pink. 

How To Read More Books (If You Want)

Redesign around Notre Dame to keep tourists moving and lower temperatures  via NYT

Sustainable beauty brands I use and love some of these. Others are new to me. 

This popular kitchen cabinet color is here to stay

Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t think she’s ‘brave’ because she takes on her white hair

This week’s best sellers 

Hair Care Over 50: How to Get Thicker, Healthier Strands According to the Pros

How to remain calm when you’re approaching a difficult situation 

The 10 best dog-friendly beaches in the US.

One is in Chicago, we haven’t taken Henri yet. Once the weather cools down, we will have to bring him for a visit. 

Playlist Ideas: Which Music To Listen To At Every Moment To Feel Your Best I love making playlists. We listen to a lot of music at home, especially over dinner and on the weekends. I need to work on our wedding playlist next. 

I have been wearing this dress on repeat. And I bought it in size 6 and it has been perfect for travel. I bought it and almost returned it without trying it on. Now it has been one of my favorite summer pieces. 

37 Best Beach Reads to Toss in Your Bag This Summer

How to Travel with a Wedding Dress, According to the Experts This is such good advice. I was told to make sure to contact the airline ahead of time. I’ll be traveling with mine for the big day. 

Airline Pilots Say They’re Just as Frustrated With Summer Flight Cancellations as Travelers – Let’s Remember to be Kind

 The 10 Best Places to Retire in the U.S. – My Hometown Comes In at #7 on This List

Shop 20 perfect trench coats. This is a French wardrobe staple

Love this Vogue article about the newly renovated Saint James in Paris. It was on my list for years and where we stayed when we were engaged. If I can’t convince you to splurge on this hotel, perhaps this article will. 

These French Pharmacy Finds Are on Amazon

14 Wedding gifts you won’t find on a registry. I’m very excited to register this month. Now that things are moving on the wedding front and we are getting closer to walking down the aisle. 

In case you missed it:

20 essentials for long-haul flights

How I plan a trip to Europe The google map is key

What to pack for Italy in the summer including what I packed for this trip I am on now

A weekend in Paris where I ate, drank, and stayed on my last trip

Fashion trends spotted in Paris

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  1. I always love your “links” weeks but this time so many of them required a subscription to Vogue or AD to read, and the article on SJP was in French!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I am sorry that you are frustrated. I try to incorporate various links each week that I have loved reading. I usually get comments about NYT articles needing a subscription and I do my best to limit those. More and
      more news publications require a paid subscription due to the decrease in paper sales and they need a way to get paid for their work. This isn’t something I can fix. I try to create as much valuable free content available to readers each week. Thank you for your feedback.

  2. I hope that stunning header photograph of all those lovely rhododendrons gracing the house entrance will be available in your Print Shop! Congratulations on your blog’s 6th anniversary.

  3. Regarding Vogue article on French stuff on Amazon. I went to the site of my fave go to for all my skin care. Prices are so much lower, that even with a$25 delivery charge, prices are much lower. Add to that, the VAT is taken out, making for prices that seem like bargains compared to Amazon. And delivery is fast and efficient. You do have to spend enough to avoid the VAT, but that is usually not a problem.
    I do envy your being in Italy. On my many visits, it never loses its charm.