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This week, I quickly transitioned back into Chicago. Taxes are due right around my birthday, which is always stressful. I feel as soon as I am over that large hump, I can think again. There are a few big projects I am working on for 2024. My yearly skin check was on Friday. I am telling you this because it is my friendly reminder to schedule yours if you haven’t already done so. The new freckle on my hand is just a freckle. If you notice anything new pop up on your skin, it’s best to get it checked out. Also, sunscreen and a hat are your best friends. 

Cherry blossoms are in bloom in Paris. They started to pop during my visit and made me so happy. Blossom season lasts just a few short weeks, depending on the weather. The timing can be different every year, and I was lucky enough to spend time in Paris with them.

cherry blossoms in bloom Paris

Outfit details

Photo of me by Katie Donnelly Photography

Links I Love Week 14

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

The EDP Book Club Community is over 400 and growing! You can join the FB group and chat with other Francophiles and book lovers. I would love for you to introduce yourself and share what book you have read or loved recently. It would be fantastic if you swap books, too. 

The French Ingredient Jane Bertch

The new April book selection is out, and The French Ingredient debuts this week. It’s a memoir by my friend Jane Bertch from La Cuisine Paris. You can preorder it now. She will be in Chicago for a few events and has agreed to join us for the book club’s next wine/book chat!

I promised I wouldn’t buy skincare products for long and work through what I had in my closet. I had a facial at Biologique Recherche for my birthday and bought a few things. I won’t indulge in the Sephora sale, but I know some of you will be. Here are a few items I would buy. Merit is now offered at Sephora; many of you love the brand as much as I do. The sunscreen I use daily is tinted and has zinc and 50 SPF. Caudalie is a favorite, and the Premier Cru-rich cream is great for aging skin. Lastly, Westman Atelier is a brand I started using last year and really enjoy. Their foundation stick, blush, and tinted complexion drops are excellent. 

Links I Love Week 14

How to have the perfect long weekend in Paris

black and white Parisian café

A Guide to Visiting Chateau de Fountainbleau 

I didn’t love my first trip to Marseille, but this article sparked my interest in trying again. 

This week’s best sellers include an affordable striped shirt and my favorite pillows. The monthly best sellers for March are transitional spring pieces. 

this week's best sellers
This Week’s Best Sellers
monthly top 5 best sellers
This Month’s Best Sellers

How to pack in a carry on via NYT. It’s the only way I travel. 

Emile Henry recently sent me their focaccia pan to try out, and this weekend, I am trying out this focaccia recipe with rosemary, sea salt, and olives. I promise to report back! 

The bar is almost (always) the best seat in the house. My husband and I love to visit our neighborhood restaurants and some hard-to-get reservations by choosing a bar seat in the city. It’s a fun way to experience the energy in Chicago. 

Valerie Bertinelli and Kelly Clarkson talk about dating after divorce. 

12 home splurges you’ll never regret, according to interior designers

My friends pick up their phones when I start talking. What should I do? This is a pet peeve of mine. 

The best time to travel is the off-season. A great article by CN Traveler 

Along with the same topic, this article tugged at my heartstrings. I dream of returning to Florence, especially during the colder months when I spent my time in college. 

The Green City Farmers Market is back in Chicago. This is one of my favorite weekend activities in the city, and it used to start back in May. It has now been moved up to April and is bustling. Also, if you are visiting the city, this is one of my favorite activities to recommend. It is open on Saturdays through early November. 

9 rules for eating and drinking like the French 

The price of Global Entry is about to go up. When flying internationally, this is a game changer and shaved so much time off of the entry process. 

I will soon have a full report on Paris trends for you. A lot is happening behind the scenes at EDP, and I am juggling a lot. My husband was great and helped spot trends with me while we enjoyed Paris. One of the most significant and surprising trends was baseball caps! In every color and price point. My head is smaller, and I didn’t find anything that fit me. It wasn’t $$$. We popped into Madewell on our coffee walk, and I grabbed this one for $30! 

We had the most fantastic tarte tatin in Paris. I don’t usually go for this dessert, but it was offered to us at the end of the meal. Now, I am on the hunt for a great and easy recipe. 

Last week in Paris, I picked up the first peonies of the season. I returned them to my Paris hotel and put them in a vase. It instantly warmed up the room, and they were 12 euros. They were enjoyed to the fullest.

My new readers from Warby Parker (my husband accidentally packed them) were missing, so I was without them for the flight home. I ended up watching Julia Child Season 2 on the plane. It was enjoyable because of the Paris scenery and the story. 

Diptyque launched a new line of candles that couldn’t be more on brand—inspired by the scent of a Parisian café.

This white shirt dress is in my shopping cart. 

Afar named these the best new hotels of 2024. One of them is in Paris, where I stayed last October. 

The 25 Best Best Beach Reads of 2024 

A Paris retro apartment with Notre Dame views 

The Golden Rules of Retirement Travel 

My neighbor swears by this pillowcase. I am curious to try it! Does anyone else have opinions?

The best places to drink wine in Chicago via NYT Gifted article This is a fun one and I can’t wait to check out some of these places.

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  1. Hi Rebecca: La Cuisine has a great tarte tatin recipie. I have made it many times! On a side note, I just bought a striped top on J Crew this morning via your link – I was trying to wait until my next trip to Paris to purchase one at St James, but I am not going until the fall and I really wanted a fresh striped top for summer! I am hoping it fits! Thanks for your cheerful and friendly blog.

    • Thank you, Kimberley! I found the recipe, now I just need the time to make it! How did the J.Crew top work out? I hope it works out and you enjoy wearing it this spring and fall. xo

  2. Thank you for including the article on Marseille, it is a great read. I hope to be there next year – I am in Australia so trips to France are not as regular as I would like.

  3. Thank you for your help! I will probably wear my Chelsea boots and Barbour waxed jacket and will look into leggings as an option. It is supposed to rain/be cloudy all week in Prague PLUS I am attending a scientific conference and need to look put together each day. This is my most challenging packing experience I’ve had to date. Your article on avoiding jet lag was perfect timing for me and I’m already hydrating like it’s my job!

  4. Hi Rebecca, terrific list as usual, merci! I was wondering if you could please help me, I’m desperate. I am traveling to Prague tomorrow and I don’t know what to wear on the plane!!! Do you have a “go to” traveling outfit that looks elegant but is comfortable. I don’t want to look like an American tourist during my layover in LHR or when arriving at my hotel. Thank you so much! I appreciate all that you do and share 🙂

    • Hi Deborah,

      For Paris on my latest trip, I wore a pair of Spanx black leggings with boots and a button down shirt and a trench. My experience has been that once I arrive in Paris, I can’t check in right away and I want to look pulled together for the morning. I hope this helps. xo Safe travels.