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Happy Spring! Depending where you are are in the world, it may or may not feel like it. Chicago was cold and rainy this week but we did get a little sunshine over the weekend which gave us hope. Patio chairs are slowly coming out in anticipation of the warmer weather. I started a new book thanks to a friend this week, has anyone read “The Alice Network”? I have only heard good things.

The Garance Doré article I shared last week went missing but now it is back up on the site. It is worth a read for sure!

Restoring an avenue meant for kings. The changes on the Champs-Élysées in Paris

If you are looking for a job in Paris this Summer, Bateaux Parisians is hiring and you don’t have to be fluent in French

How mastering The French Language really messes up your English. This is SO true.

Enter to win a trip to Paris with Paris Perfect Rentals

Millions of butterflies are migrating over California right now and it looks beautiful. Has anyone seen it in person?

I don’t need these but I love them!

sezane pink bow shoes

The world’s coolest airport is about to get even better. I really want to visit!

These are essential in every French girl’s wardrobe. I have two pair and they are perfect for dress season.

I loved Gilmore Girls and Mrs. Maisel is from the same writer so it is only fitting that these two worlds will collide at some point. Lorelei Gilmore will take a role on Mrs. Maisel as early as next season.

I am already planning outfits for my Summer Vacation with the family. Do you think that I can shrink this one for the kids? They only make it in adult sizes.

A friend of mine has given me “The Alice Network” to read after raving about it. Has anyone read it?

9 Spring Outfits from the Streets of Paris Transitional pieces for Winter to Spring

I just added this print to The Print Shop by special request

I got new sheets this week from Paris Perfect. These are the same sheets on the beds in Paris. My bed has never been so comfortable. They are offering 2 free pillowcases with each order if you use my code EverydayParisian2019 at checkout.

French Interior Layouts to Try in Every Room

The best French versions of Disney Songs

My favorite Anthropologie mirror is 20% off. It is my favorite corner in my apartment thanks to this beauty.

17 Unromantic Signs He Might Be The One

Sainte-Sulpice in Paris briefly catches fire in Paris. No one is hurt.

These new Diptyque candles are made to be burned together. I can’t wait to experience them this Spring. They smell SO good.

It was National Macaroon Day followed by National Baguette Day. I wrote this post with French is Beautiful last year on How to Order a Baguette in French

how to order a baguette in french

Getting around in Paris. The Essential Guide from La Cuisine Paris

What is new in Paris’s SoPi neighborhood. I wish I would have read this when I was in Paris last week. There are so many great new places to try in my old hood.

Paris’ Hotel Lutetia is Haunted by History If you don’t know the history of this hotel, this is a really great read. I learned last April before it reopened and wish the book was translated in English so I could read it.

On the Blog this Week

Six Romantic things to do in Paris in the Springtime

5 Ways to Beat Jet Lag

Owning an Apartment in Paris with Paris Perfect

Where to See Paris in Bloom this Spring

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