Links I Love Week 50

paris france the last light of the year

How to throw a French Holiday Party

The Difference between French and American Style

A Year in Paris (my BIG project for 2019) it needs a new title but I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the idea.

My friend Tammy got this candle for me and I have been loving its fresh fragrance at home. In the Winter months, I burn candles while I work late and this is a new favorite.

Now is the time to binge watch Mrs. Maisel if you haven’t seen it yet. Please watch so we can discuss. I am not a fan of Halloween but I would be open to do a Mrs. Maisel themed party this year.

Books to read if you love Mrs. Maisel as much as me

The ice skating rink is open at Grand Palais. Please go for me and send me a photo! I have never been but plan on going next year.

The Rain Watcher is now coming out in paperback! I am so excited and they are sending me a few copies. It was my first apartment in Montmartre that is the cover of this book from 2013.

My dustbuster has called it quits after two years. Please tell me I am not the only one that loves the simplicity and instant gratification of picking up crumbs.

What a Traditional French Dinner Looks Like

If you have ever dreamt of owning a bookshop, you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

Can baking reduce stress and anxiety?

How a pastry chef tells his story of a Parisian apartment renovation through recipes.

Inside a storied apartment in Paris from Architectural Digest

The one thing my brother in law fight over and this article proves he wins. Ugh but I still disagree!

Christmas in Paris: The Best things to See and Do

The shirt every French girl owns! I have a few in my closet and so do Bobby and Emma

In France, school lessons teach which twitter post you should trust.

If you are looking for a beautiful Bûche de Noël in Paris, don’t miss these!

Inside Julia Child’s Kitchen. You can rent it on Airbnb. Vacation anyone?

How to prepare your business for The New Year by my friend, Rachelle who designed the blog for me.

For all of you last minute shoppers who are looking for gift ideas. I love these boxes from My Stylish French Box. I have one from earlier this year and their February box looks incredible.

The Best Shops in Paris according to CN Traveler

Anthropologie is 30% off. If you are still looking for gift ideas or something for yourself, now is the time!

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