Life Update: I’m Engaged

Rebecca Plotnick engaged in Paris, France Saint James Hotel

I’m engaged! 💍 This may come as a surprise for most of you since a lot of you didn’t know I was dating someone. I met someone special a few years ago and we have kept our relationship private. Before I get into any further details, he still would like to remain private so I don’t have any plans to share photos of him or to incorporate him into blog content.

Life Update: I’m Engaged

He proposed in Paris in Palais Royal with my friend Katie documenting the special moment. It happened in Paris back in October and it was very special. I think I have cried every day since in a happy way. (yes, I have cried a lot while writing this post) A lot of you have mentioned to me that I am glowing lately, especially in Paris. I think it was a combination of being back in Paris and the engagement. The above photo is from the day of the engagement.

I had a million bad dates over the years and I had just about surrendered to the fact that I would be single forever. After keeping the relationship private for so long, I wanted to share for one important reason. There is hope to find love later in life. If you take away anything from my story, I hope that is what sticks with you.

I think there is a big stigma around being single, especially in your late 30’s/40’s. In Sex and the City, the girls were in their mid-30s when it originally aired. There was so much pressure to date and settle down get married and have kids on a specific timeline. I have not been one for timelines.

In my mid 30’s as cheesy as it sounds I learned to love spending time alone, taught myself to cook, and traveled the world. I also was able to build a successful photography business. Finding a person to be with wasn’t about looking for someone to complete me, it was about finding a partner that supports me and loves me for who I am. As I got older and more mature, I was able to really identify the values I was looking for in a person. The important list of values are ones I share with my financé.

I am sure there are a lot of questions so I will try to answer a few below.

Do we have a date?

The most common question!

Yes, the date was an easy one and one that I won’t budge on. It is very sentimental to both families.

The ring?

The ring was my grandmother’s. I have spoken about her often on the blog. We were very close and our relationship was so special. In my twenties, I used to try on her ring every time I visited her. When she was in hospice, she took the ring off her finger and gave it to me. I turned to my dad and gave him the ring.

I told him when I met the person I am going to marry, he could give him this ring. It sat in the safety deposit box for 10 years almost to the day… My fiancé met my dad while I was in Paris to get the ring which he proposed with. We had to get the ring reset and resized. I don’t think I will be sharing the exact design or details but a few of you have spotted it on my finger in stories on Instagram.

The proposal?

It happened in Palais Royal which is exactly where I wanted it to happen. I was lucky my fiancé reached out to Katie Donnelly my friend and photographer. She was there to capture the whole thing. It felt like one big blur and time stopped at that exact moment he got on his knees. Plus, feeling my grandmother’s ring in my hand made me start crying. I was hoping it would happen in Paris when he met me at the end of the Paris trip but I didn’t know for sure. I am a BIG planner and was actually caught off guard. We have some very special photos we have shared with family and friends from the day. I won’t be sharing them here.

everyday parisian engaged in Paris

Palais Royal everyday parisian engagement

How did the family react?

Once the engagement happened, I wanted to just enjoy being in Paris with just the two of us and not share until the next day. Since my dad was waiting impatiently back in the US, we decided to share with both sides with Facetime calls. There have been a lot of tears and cheers ever since! I adore his family, they have been so welcoming and supportive of me and us since the beginning. My family loves my fiancé and I am excited to watch the relationships with both sides grow over the years. My niece and nephew adore him which really makes me happy!

I am still navigating this new chapter of being engaged but plan to keep a lot of details private between friends and family. We have just started the planning process but have agreed on a general location, size, and date. We are having fun deciding on small details including the first dance song and the wedding cake flavor.

I don’t plan on sharing many details of the wedding here on the blog. The content that you have enjoyed for the past few years will stay exactly the same. Thank you for respecting my privacy and I hope you find the news to be as happy and exciting as we do!

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  1. Hello. Loving Every Day In Paris! Reading about your engagement and trying to find how you met. Is this story somewhere? Would you mind sharing?

    Yours truly,
    Hopeful romantic

  2. Congratulations, Rebecca!! This is so exciting!! So happy for you!! I am still looking for my partner in life so this gives me hope that their are still good guys out there!! Xo

  3. Rebecca, I am so thrilled for you! Yes, you have looked extra happy lately! I don’t follow many blogs and I’m constantly thinking of how extraordinary you are and wishing that all the happiness you give by sharing your gifts comes back to you, including a partner who shares – or at least deeply appreciates – your passions. As a single mom of 10+ years I relate to your story: societal expectations, timelines, age, giving up, “mating with my own soul” etc. So thank you for the message of hope. All the best, from another “Dorothy” rooting for you 💘

  4. In true Rebecca fashion, the blog post about your engagement was an inspiration to others. This post and the engagement was everything – romantic, caring and your love for others, your fiancé and even for strangers just poured through your words. félicitations mon amie ! x

  5. Congratulations 🎂👍. So happy for you.
    Since I met Gerry at work at 22 and got married at 25, I have often wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t met him.I was dating someone else and waited for him to ask for a date, which he finally did on a day we were both working even though the business was closed for a holiday. Funny how things work out.
    On another front, my little Zoe is a terror, biting everything in sight including us. One on one training begins on the 16th. Did you go through this? If you did, it gives me hope that it will get better.
    Are you still going back to Paris? Be extra careful, but it looks like situation may not be too bad. France is also having the same problem.

  6. Congratulations Rebecca, what a beautiful story. Wishing you both many years of health and happiness. Fidelma xxx

  7. So happy for you Rebecca! I know this is exactly what you want! I wish you joy and contentment, always!! Danyel

  8. Congratulations to you both, how wonderful. We are all here on this earth to love and be loved. Some of us find love in friendships, some even from a puppy, and the lucky ones find it with a beautiful person. I am glad this is your journey. Have a wonderful life with your man and live this dream with mutual love and respect.

  9. Congratulations so happy for you. How romantic to get engaged in Paris with your grandmother’s ring. So happy for you. How does Henri feel about the engagement 🤔

  10. Oh Rebecca … so happy for you both. But most of all I’m surely happy to know there is someone else around to help you eat all those beautiful desserts that you are cooking up. Didn’t think Henri was into licking the bowl for all that beauteous food. 🥰

  11. Congratulations Rebecca. I am very happy for both of you and each other’s families. There is nothing like a happy surprise to catch you “off guard.” It sounds as though your fiancé knows exactly what you like and wanted his proposal to be the special occasion that it was. Certainly a memory that both of you will cherish. Wishing you both much happiness.

  12. Congratulations Rebecca! I am so happy for you! Good things happens to those who wait. The proposal meant to be in Paris where you are the happiest. So excited for you. Made my day for such an amazing news. Cheers!

  13. Congratulations! I wish you both much happiness. A proposal in Paris sounds like perfection!
    P.S. I love reading all of your articles on “living French.” We own a little apartment in the south of France but can never go there as often as we would like. Your tips keep me connected to my happy place. Merci beaucoup!

  14. Congratulations, Rebecca! Could not be happier for you and I love that you are keeping some special moments private. Know that the entire EDP community wishes you and yours all the best:-) Enjoy your engagement!

  15. Congratulations sweet Rebecca!! So very happy for you two 🤍Enjoy this special time ♥️And thank you for sharing your story 😊

  16. We were at the Palais Royal while we were in Paris over Thanksgiving vacation – what a magical place for your proposal! Congratulations!

  17. Yaaaaaay!!! So so happy for you! Congratulations to you both! Wishing you a life filled with joy, love and respect always! Congrats!!!

  18. Congratulations to you! I wish you both much happiness and health and joy together! Kind regards, Anne (x_strangemagic_x on Insta lol).

  19. Wishing you both every happiness. Keeping your news private, Brilliant! I commend you.
    I’m 73, had never been out of the States but for 70th birthday took myself to Paris. Loved
    it so much, returned again & again, despite living below poverty. Your Newletters/blog
    have been a great joy to me. I share in your great joy. There’s a saying “that Love is all there is, is all we know of Love” may your Love grow always. Matty

  20. Congratulations! What wonderful news! I wish you both many years of happiness. Good for you to keep your personal life private when social media almost demands we share every part of ourselves and our lives.

  21. Congratulations wishing you a lifetime of happiness together
    I have to let you know I discovered your site this fall. I really miss traveling, love Paris. Your content is so informative really look forward to your blog & Instagram posts.
    Admire your decision to keep your personal life private.
    I bought the Blondo boots on your recommendation, love them perfect for the rain

  22. Oh HOW WONDERFUL, Rebecca!!! Congratulations! I’ve been married for 25 years (HOW…how did that HAPPEN?) and he still melts my heart and makes it flutter when he walks into the room. You are a wise woman to keep the details private…a little air of mystery is a good thing. Enjoy!

  23. Congratulations, Rebecca! Such wonderful news…and it makes perfect sense to want to keep this part of your private life just that – private. Wishing you so much joy and love together.

  24. Rebecca, I can’t tell you how happy I am for you. Best wishes and may God richly bless your marriage. You are so right. I married the love of my life when I was 56 and he was 62. It’s never too late. Congratulations!!!

  25. Congratulations! This is a special time for the two of you…enjoy it to the fullest together. Wishing you many happy years together!

  26. Hi Rebecca
    I’m so thrilled to hear this wonderful news!
    How romantic that the proposal happened in Paris too. What an exciting time ahead, I wish you both much happiness and love. I hope we can have just a little sneak peak but of course, we respect your privacy for sure. I hope this doesn’t limit your wonderful Parisian content but whatever you post about, I for one love it and read and follow you. xxx

  27. Congratulations Rebecca !!! So very happy for you both. And thank you for sharing your story and I although I am a happy single person I will take note and know that love later in life can still happen💟

  28. Congratulations on your engagement! I just love that you have grown both personally and professionally in so many ways these past years and now have an added partner to complement that growth. Win-win! So smart to keep your private life private. Many blessings!

  29. What wonderful news! Totally understand about keeping it private when your life is spent online. What a lovely way to end 2021. I love your blog and your stories. All the best to you and your love for 2022! 🎉🥂🍾💍

  30. Oh My!!!! I have never written to you before, but follow your every Post on “Everyday Parisian”. I am so very happy for you Rebecca !!! Wishing you all the happiness while you take your new adventure in life. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Holidays!!!

  31. Congratulations to you! What happy news 🙂 Thank you for sharing this milestone with us. Bask in the joy of the moment.

  32. Congratulations!! I’m so happy for you!! Getting engaged is one of the best feelings and I cried all the time after with excitement. Prepare for the weeks leading up to the wedding as it happens all again!

  33. OH REBECCA, CONGATULATIONS!!!! I have followed you for a while now, have a coffee mug (I use every day) calendars (one for my friend, one for me) and gift wrap (one I use as a poster 🙂 one I wrapped my lovely niece’s birthday gift in and the others are waiting for their special occasions).
    I wish you all the very best, because you deserve it and thank you for bringing a little Paris into my life on a regular basis. Merci!

  34. Congratulations! So happy for you! There is no right age for getting married and/or having a family if you so choose. What is important is finding the right person to share that life and it sounds as if you nailed it! One of my daughters as well as my daughter in law didn’t get married until their late 30’s and had 2 children each in their early 40s. Both blissfully happy.
    I love the connection with your grandmother. Many blessings to you both

  35. Congratulations Rebecca!! So very happy for you!! I teared up reading this and I’ve already book marked this post to revisit. I’ve also not been one for timelines and identifying your values resonated so much with me. Thank you for sharing! Cheers to you, your fiancé and Henri!

  36. Congratulations! I feel that stigma all the time and this has made me feel hopeful <3 Thank you for sharing with us!

  37. congratulations! enjoy this time of planning and cheers to keeping your private life, private. wishing you all the very best!!

  38. Congratulations Rebecca, my first thought on reading your lovely news was whether you would have your Grandmother’s ring as your engagement ring. Remember the post when you said you were considering having it re-styled into another piece of jewellery? I replied to you suggesting that you re-consider, that you would find love and be able to use your ring as you’d originally intended, so very pleased for you. Very best wishes to you both.

  39. Congratulations! Your Grandma is smiling with love! I am beyond impressed with your setting boundaries yet giving your readers an update. Of course, I want to know every last detail. Is it appropriate for me to know every last detail? No! I respect & support your privacy decisions. Blessing to you, your husband-to-be & both your families!

  40. Congratulations! I am so happy for you both ( and Henri).
    I am going to start planning a trip to Paris – maybe this spring or if covid still bothering us then hopefully the fall. I went to American College in Paris for 1 year ( along time ago). I have been back a few times. I want to go regularly now. I am from Chicago ( State and Goethe-The Churchill building)- so we used to be neighbors:) I am a family law attorney and considering doing some work again in Chicago again bc zoom makes that possible I was at a prominent family law firm for 11 years on State and Madison. I am living in Denver now but missing Chicago.
    I love reading your blog! xo Debra

  41. Rebecca, I’m so thrilled about this news! Wishing you joy and happiness as you enter this wonderful new life phase! 😘💕🍾

  42. Oh, Rebecca! I can’t tell you how happy I am for you! For all of you! Every detail you’ve shared seems perfect from your grandma’s ring to the Palais Royal. Congratulations!

  43. I got engaged at the Saint James in Paris (recognize the fountain)! It’s the most romantic hotel. Congratulations and enjoy this special time!!

  44. I think I shed a tear while reading your happiness!!!! How incredibly beautiful and romantic! Coincidently, my husband and I just had our photos taken by a Paris photographer while we were in Paris last week in Palais Royal! It is one of my favorite spots too! (Too bad Henri couldn’t have been in the oh so dog friendly park to partake in your day! HA!)
    Wishing you all the love and adventure this next chapter will bring! Hopefully someday you can share some of your happy photos! Thanks for all that you do and congratulations on your much deserved happiness!!

  45. Congratulations, Rebecca! I love this story so much–especially about your grandma’s ring! We also got engaged in Paris and it’s just the best, right? Wishing you both all the happiness in the world–so happy you found each other. 💕