How To Take Care of Your Diptyque Candle

how to take care of your diptyque candles everyday parisian

How to Take Care of Your Diptyque Candle

My first Diptyque candle purchase was when I came home from Paris and moved back to Chicago. I wanted a little piece of Paris in Chicago. I chose the Baies candle because I loved the scent and it also happens to be one of my most popular scents and best sellers of Diptyque candles. If you are looking for your first one, this is usually a top choice. I have moved on to like things a little lighter included Fig, Rose, and Tuberose as my new favorites. These are always burning at home if you have followed me on Instagram you know this happens often, especially at the end of the work day. It is an expensive habit to buy and keep Diptyque candles in the house. I also love gifting them to friends. It is one of my favorite birthday presents and housewarming gifts to bring.

Buying a Diptyque candle is an investment and it is important to know how to properly care for it so it lasts long and you enjoy it.

how to care for your diptyque candles everyday parisian

Burn Time

With any candle to ensure an even burn (no tunneling or uneven wax residue left on the sides as the candle burn down and the wax melts, do a “memory burn” the first time you light any new candle. A “memory burn” is to train the candle to burn evenly down to get your money’s worth of burn time. The first time the candle is lit the wax pool or melt all the way to the edges of the candle. Burn the candle for at least two hours the first time you burn it.

Trim The Wick

Before lighting your candle, trim the candle wick to 1/4 ideal length. Also, it is important to keep the glass clean on the sides of the jars and doesn’t over-heat your candle and waste product. This will help prevent an uneven burn. You can use a candlewick trimmer but even kitchen scissors will work in a pinch.

Realign The Wick

After a good burn, just make sure the wick is sitting upright & center before the wax cools – but be careful!


Never leave a lit candle unattended.


Keep your candles out of direct sunlight, in a cool space and they can last for years. I keep mine in a candle drawer and tuck away seasonal candles. Temperature control will keep the oils and the wax happy together in balance.

Favorite Candles

For something light and refreshing for the kitchen, I love Fig. It smells so good when you have a clean kitchen and it is burning. This one is not strong. I prefer to burn different Diptyque candles at different times of the year. In the fall and winter, I love the earthy scent of Feu de Bois. It smells like a campfire or fireplace fire and guys tend to lean towards this scent.

If you are looking for a gift for him, this is the one I always recommend first. For a first-time candle gift, the Baies candle is always a top option. For the kitchen, I love the new Droguerie odor removing candle with basil. It smells so good and really makes the kitchen smell fresh. This is now one of the top sellers on the blog. In the summer months, I love Tuberose, Rose, and Jasmine. The Tilleul candle has a beautiful scent of Linden trees which remind me of my trip to Nice, France a few years ago.


Figuier diptyque candle


The one I have owned the most and keep rebuying. I love the way it smells.

tuberose candle diptyque


mimosa diptyque candle


baies diptyque candle

how to repurpose a diptyque jar everyday parisian

I love repurposing my empty glass containers too.

To repurpose the empty candle jar, fill the container with hot water and remove the leftover wax with a paper towel. You can also put the candle in the freezer and the remaining wax will pop out. Just make sure to hand wash the jar with dish soap at the end so you can preserve the label.

You can fill them with makeup brushes, fresh flowers to use as bud vases, or small items to keep things organized on your vanity.

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  1. Hello,
    I love your website. Beautifully conceived, well executed, and crucially, informative.
    One detail I’d like to add to your Diptyque candle care page.
    A few years ago I began buying their medium candles, and let them burn down to the bottom of the glass. Two of them exploded, leaving glass shards on the surface they were resting on. I spoke to Diptyque, who said this:
    1. When there’s 1 cm of wax left at the bottom of the glass, stop burning it (I’ve been buying their candles since the 1980s, and no candles ever exploded).
    2. Never use them on a cold surface (mine were both on a warm wood surface).
    They then very sweetly sent me one of their wick trimmers and a candle stand…
    Kind regards,

  2. I would love to buy several of these candles. Is there a discount code to use for you to get a commission?

    Sophie Boden

    • Hi Sophie,

      I wish I had a discount code for you. They don’t offer any that I know of. I do make a small commission if you order candles from my links. xo, Thank you.

  3. If your candles burn unevenly, here’s a little trick I use:

    * don’t trim the wick after burning, leave it long
    * put the candle in an oven safe pan
    * heat the oven to 200° – 250° and place the candle inside for about 10 minutes, or until the wax melts evenly across the surface (every oven is different, so keep an eye on the candle)
    * trim the wick as needed after the wax has cooled

    I use this trick also when the candle has burnt down but there is still some wax left. I melt it completely and poured it into a new candle. Generally new candles have a very long wick and some space between the surface of the wax and the top of the container. That way I never waste any of the candle.

  4. Hi Rebecca! I love Diptyque candles and will definitely be purchasing the Fig & Tuberose because of your recommendation. Have you ever tried the Diptyque room sprays? If so, I’d value your opinion.

    • Hi Robbie! I am so happy you love them too! I hope you love Fig and Tuberose as much as I do. I don’t have any experience with room sprays. I typically light a candle if I want to enjoy a scent.

  5. Hi, Lit candle three hours ago after shortening the wick, and it is tunnelling. Quite disappointing. This is the first time this has happened, and the 6th Diptyque candle I have purchased. What should I do, please? Thank you.

    • Hi Evana,

      I am so sorry about your Diptyque candle. I would contact the shop you purchased it and see if they can replace it for a new one.

  6. I have Baies, and like the smell. I would love to buy another but there are so many choices. Which do you recommend if I like a more fruity smell?