Confessions of A Workaholic

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It has been quite the week. Part of me feels like I was not very productive but, it is all in perspective. For all of you Moms out there, I will never touch you. My sister is a working Mom and I give her so much credit on balancing kids and a full time job. 

This week I had 3 strategy meetings (2 with new perspective clients and 1 with an existing client) and I also had 3 first dates. I feel like first dates are kind of like job interviews so today as I write this I have surrendered to my exhaustion.

My friends have asked me to write a dating blog or at least make it a part of this blog and I am still unsure about that. But as I have had 3 dates in one week, it could be a little entertaining? I try to keep a little part of my life private.

Along with the busy week, I scheduled a check up with my doctor. She asked me if I needed anything and I kindly asked for a prescription for a day off. She smiled and simply replied “Who is going to fill it?” She entered the room a few minutes later with a prescription written for “Treat Yourself to A Day Off” Currently the paper is sitting on my desk as I write this. I thought about it all week… For someone that balances a few different businesses and rarely takes time off, this day off is sounding better and better. Now I am thinking about writing her and asking if it refillable? But I should see if I can actually take a full day off.  

The funny story that helped me reach the conclusion I needed a day off. My second meeting of the week was in the suburbs of Chicago. I knew it would be a far drive so naturally I packed snacks. The next morning I was preparing for my doctors visit and I was cleaning up a little in the morning. I had put away my snacks somewhere but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I checked all the kitchen cabinets and the fridge but they were nowhere to be found. I have heard of tired mothers putting milk in the pantry but I am just a hard working single girl. It took me a good ten minutes but I found the snacks (peanut butter pretzels). 

I have no idea what I will do for my day off but suggestions are welcome. I am looking forward to hanging two new pieces of my own art in the apartment. These just arrived today and I am in love. 

You can shop this one in the print shop here. 

I printed this one on metallic paper and I am in LOVE. 

What are your weekend plans? 

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  1. Maybe it’s a bit late but you could just get up late, have a nice breakfast, take a long shower, doing a face mask, exfoliate and hidrate your body. Go to shopping and buy something beautiful for yourself, and read a book in a cafe with a delicious cappuccino or tea :).