Links I Love Week 9

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I took some much needed time off this weekend and the feeling of being burnt out is almost gone. I have a lot planned this week so taking some time to rest and recharge was much needed. 

Chanel to Plant Flowers in the Tuileries Gardens such as Jasmine and tuberose. You don’t want to miss this! 

The New French Food Waste Law Changing How Grocery Stores Approach Excess Food. From my favorite NPR

The Best French Drugstore Products You Can Buy in The US

Why are Americans still so Infatuated with Paris?

The Best French Wine Bars in NYC

The French Dish You need to Serve at Your Next Dinner Party

A Rare Sight, The French Riviera Hit by Snow

Barbara Corcoran flies coach in the best way. Fingers crossed, I get seated next to her on a flight. 

The Perfect AirBnB Alternative in Paris and London

My favorite print from the new collection has been the best seller this week

Paris in March. This will help with the planning. 

My favorite luggage is on SALE. This luggage keeps my phone charged on the go. 

How to Help Preserve St Germain de Près (Thanks Kat!) 

I inked my first book cover deal and it is for the author of “Sarah’s Key” This is the cover and I can’t wait to read it in October. More details soon. You can preorder it here

10 Most Romantic Places in Paris: 2nd Arrondissement

Sézane launched their first look at Spring and I am basically surrendering all of my money. Here are some of my favorites.

You can Shop more of my Spring Favorites here. I clearly have Spring Fever. 

My growing list of Beauty Favorites can be shopped directly on the blog now. Right Here

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci! 

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  1. What a fantastic book cover ! I often go shopping for books by browsing through covers and book titles. Then I read the blurb on the back. Then I buy the book. Congratulations !

    • Thank you so much! I am the same way 🙂 Ever since I was a kid. I can’t wait to read the book. My jaw dropped when I saw who the author was, I am a huge fan.

  2. WAIT. How did I miss that??? Congratulations Rebecca!! So so very excited for you-I’m going to order my copy right now!

    • Hi! You didn’t miss anything. Thank you! I kept it top secret. I cannot wait to hold my own copy and read the story. I am truly honored!

  3. I ordered that sweater! I hope it fits. Can’t wait to get it. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! XOXO

    • Thank you! Keep me posted if you like the sweater. I hope you had a lovely weekend too! xo

  4. Wow! Where to begin with this list! First, and foremost, the most heartfelt congratulations on the book cover. Not just ANY book cover, but a Tatiana de Rosnay book cover! Way to go, Rebecca. Secondly, while I am not romantically linked at this moment, The Most Romantic Places in the 2nd is just filled with places that I will hit later this year no matter if I’m still not coupled. I have no qualms with dining solo even in the most romantic setting. I will let the ambience, smells, sights and sounds romance me all evening long! Who knows, I may even flirt with the waiters. Thirdly, Barbara Corcoran’s air travel tips are just too good! Finally, Corey Frye’s article on why American’s are still so infatuated with Paris made me sigh and swoon. I’m a huge French Frye in Paris fan and this article just reminds me why. Great list, Rebecca! Merci beaucoup.

    -Your superfan, Missy Lamb.

    • Hi Missy,

      Thank you! I am so excited for this book and I was truly honored they chose one of my photos. I am sure it will be a book club book later this year. Solo travel is such a wonderful experience. You learn so much about yourself and you get to do exactly what you want to do. You never know, you might end up meeting someone. Barbara Corcoran is awesome. I love that she still sits in coach! Are you doing a walk with Corey?