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paris france by rebecca plotnick

This week was an interesting one. I had my head down focusing on organizing my taxes for my accountant and felt a little drained from creativity. I think it is easy to say taxes will do that to you. My desk is filled with post it notes as ideas came up on future post ideas. I have a few upcoming Spring posts for Paris including what to pack for all of those who are headed there for Cherry Blossom Season. I also had a few first dates this week, which one took place at a Vegetarian Restaurant. If you didn’t know, cooked veggies aren’t my favorite thing ( I prefer chocolate) I came home craving a burger, but at least I tried 😉 

This week’s links are so full of good reads. My favorite out of the whole list is the Goop Interview with Oprah. I highly recommend a cup of coffee and listening to this one this Sunday morning.

Thank you so much for being here and reading! xo 

The goût de France starts March 21-28. There are 3000 participants from around the world. There are 4 in Chicago. I will be tasting the menu from the Sofitel next week. To see what restaurants are participating in your city you can click here. 

Lost Monet, Sent away for Safe Keeping during WWII, Found in Louvre Storage

There is a major deal on a Sisley-Paris Facial at The Carlyle through Gilt. Don’t miss out on this one! Best facial of my life. 

The next Book Club Book is a little something different. Stay tuned to find out why I chose this one and I will be digging in to try some of these this weekend. 

We only Fall in Love with 3 People in a Lifetime and they are all for a different reason. A great article on Love. 

The rise of the popularity of rosé is all thanks to the US this article says. Surprised? Are you a fan of rosé?

23 Best Luxury Hotels in Paris according to CN Traveler. Have you stayed in any of these? 

I am headed to Florida to see my family in a few weeks so I just purchased this suit from JCrew. I haven’t worn a cutout bathing suit since I was 6 but I am happy they are back! 

Small Space, Big Taste in Winnetka Train Station (Chicago people this is for you) 

Where Chanel Spent her time in Paris according to Vogue

24 Best Restaurants in Paris according to CN Traveler

Chicago is still SO cold and I am officially sick of my sweater rotation. I need a new one in the mix to get me through the next few weeks. 

The Strange Paris Metro Rules You Probably Never Knew

I had a friend introduce me to this Ed Sheeran video. The dancing is just beautiful! Have you seen it?

Gweneth has a new podcast out and Oprah is the first guest. This is the best thing I have listened to ALL week. I highly recommend it. It is an hour, so turn off your phones and listen with no distractions. I think you will thank me! 

Sézane introduced Spring Jewelry and I am in love. I just wish I could wear the earrings. I am allergic to most. I will take one of each of these for my Birthday 😉 


Last Train to The Eiffel Tower: The Station Paris Forgot by Messy Nessy Chic

I have been wearing this in pink on repeat and it is on SALE now. 

Land of Desire discusses Julia Child, you might want to take a listen. 

I am grateful to know and work with the amazing Katrina Markoff of Vosges. “If you aren’t evolving you are dying” You can see her on MSNBC here. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. merci! 

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