5 Years of Blogging

Today marks 5 years of blogging! It has been a long and windy road to this point. You can read more about the inspiration behind the blog here where I talk about my first year.

Up until last year, I had a rhythm going for the blog and The Print Shop. Work hard, write content, sell prints, save money, go to Paris and shoot images for The Print Shop and repeat. It worked so well for the last 10 years. Then the Pandemic hit and my life as many others got flipped upside down. I had a job that was centered around travel and the city of Paris. What was I going to do?

I was mostly writing about Paris tips on where to eat, drink, shop and explore. While all of us were at home for an unknown amount of time, I had to get creative. I started The Frenchify series in March and I have continued it through the last year. We Frenchified our kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other parts of the home. I wrote blog posts inspired to Frenchify each season.

5 Years of Blogging

Over the last year and a half of blogging and staying at home, I have had the wonderful opportunity to connect more personally with readers. From emails to DMs on Instagram, I received messages from all of the world cheering me on to keep writing and sharing photos and ways they were Frenchifying their lives at home or decorating with my photographs of Paris or dreaming of their next trip abroad.

I started the 100 Day Challenge last year to keep people motivated until the end of the year. I started practicing French daily on Duolingo and I have just passed my 300-day mark. So, I want to keep going until my trip to Paris in October. I love getting messages from readers who are working on their French along with me.

As a lot of people did in the past year, I started baking and cooking. It was my way to unplug and unwind while still being at home. I dedicated a whole section on the blog to share the recipes I was making. I have invested in a whole new collection of Le Creuset and Staub. Instead of eating out, I was eating in and expanding my skills in the kitchen.


In September of last year, I launched The Paris Calendar. Each month was a different photo of Paris that related to that month and the season. The photos could be cropped, framed, and hung on your walls at home. I had no idea I would receive the reaction I did with the calendars and I was thrilled this idea was a hit! I sold out in early December and will have the 2022 calendar in The Print Shop this September.

calendar sharing 5 Years of Blogging with castle on the background and text

New logo/site

At the end of 2020, I made a BIG investment in my business to have a brand new site and logo created. As the site has evolved over the years, I wanted a new look. I also made the big switch from beginner blogger on Squarespace to WordPress. It took a few months of development and learning but the new site launched along with an updated Print Shop in April/May. I had two brands as Everyday Parisian (blogger) and Rebecca Plotnick (photographer) and now the two merged into Everyday Parisian on both sites.


At the beginning of 2021, I brought home a new puppy named Henri. Henri has become part of the blog and he is my sidekick. He has been an absolute joy to be around and if you follow me on Instagram you have watched him grow up over the last few months. We spend a lot of time together, he sits by my feet when I work late at night and early mornings right by my side when I publish Sunday links. Henri joins me on walks to the mailboxes in our neighborhood to drop off Print Shop orders. He has been a wonderful addition to my life. ❤️

dog and laptop for 5 Years of Blogging


I have been running my business alone since 2010. Shooting, packing/shipping, creating content, and writing the blog are just some of the daily tasks I balance. At the start of 2021, I was at a breaking point and surrendered to the idea I couldn’t do it all anymore. I reached out on Instagram and Alyssa quickly replied with a resume and punch list on how she thought she could help me. We had an interview over Zoom and it was an easy YES!

I honestly don’t know what life was like without her. She has been a cheerleader for EDP since day one and has really made the blog so much better. It’s an amazing skill to take my creative brain and organize it even better than I imagined it. This has made me more productive in my day-to-day and improved the content on the blog. You can read more about her here with this cute Q and A. She also has a dog JP who joins Henri and me for calls each week.

What’s Next

I have a few exciting projects in the works. Also, I shot a video with Henri in June and that will be completed and ready to share in August/September. I will be back in Paris finally in October to lead a girl’s trip with Whitney and Jess. If 2020 taught us anything is that we can’t predict the future. As much as we plan and think we are going in one direction, things are always subject to change. I look forward to continuing to do what I love every day and share helpful tips for traveling to Paris and ways to bring Paris home wherever you are. Your support over the past 5 years especially this last one has meant so much to me. Thank you!

5 Days of Giveaways

P.S. To celebrate 5 years, I am doing 5 days of giveaways. Here is a little preview of Day 1. My friend Karl of Posh was kind enough to donate this bag. Henri and I both wanted to say, Merci!! xo, Rebecca

You can enter on Instagram here.

dog with bag with print merci beau coup

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  1. Congratulations! I love your blog and find it so inspiring along with your beautiful photographs which never disappoint. You have a way to bring so much interesting and a variety of information to your site and you are always positive. Love watching Henri grow and he gets cuties each day!!! Continued success!!

  2. Congratulations Rebecca on your blog anniversary so so we’ll deserved!!!! I absolutely look forward to reading your blog and love love the photos of Henri I absolutely love watching that little guy grow in to such a handsome young man love you both Clara

  3. Congratulations on your Blogiversary! I look forward to reading your posts every day. I admire your amazing ability to pivot. I have purchased some products through your links and have made some of your recipes. I look forward to changing the calendar to the next month to see the new photo. (I have not looked ahead.) Your blog enhances my day. Ironically, I have become a better picture taker because I have studied your photos and love the stories they tell. I love that your blog is not condescending in tone but joyful. Keep sharing your joy! Your blog makes this reader very happy!