Alyssa and Rebecca Q and A

At the start of 2021, I hired Alyssa. I cannot say enough great things about what a great addition she has been to my business and how well we work together as a team. I waited a long time (too long really) to hire someone and she was worth the wait. She does a lot of behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, develop opportunities/pitch brands, make sure quality content is being provided on the blog, helps me find links for Sunday roundups, and let’s give her a round of applause for the Paris packing list she helped create.

We have weekly catch-ups over Google Meet and recently we were able to meet face to face when I was home in Ohio. On one of our weekly catch-ups, I asked how she felt if I could introduce her to the blog and let you get to know her better. We did a fun Q and A where we answer the same question. We both came up with a few questions to ask each other. I hope you all can give her a warm welcome and enjoy this post.

What was your first job?

AW: Burger King at 14. Also, TJ Maxx. I am very grateful for all the jobs I had in the past to get to me where I am today.

RP: I babysat for years. My first gig was around age 12. I helped families in the neighborhood.

What is your go to coffee order?

AW: Cinnamon Dolce Latte or a regular Latte at a local coffee spot (Hyde Perk is my favorite!) 

RP: I love an oat milk latte or iced oat milk latte. I have been drinking coffee with almond milk lately to be healthier.

Q: When was your 1st trip to Paris?

AW: It was 2006 and I was 17! I went with my French instructor and friends on an EF tour! It was so much fun and I have never been the same. 

RP: I was 20 and studying abroad in Italy. It was the first weekend I got to travel and I picked Paris. It was Valentine’s Day and I had a terrible case of bronchitis. I was with a bunch of friends from college and we did EVERY touristy thing you could think of. I didn’t let being sick hold me back from seeing a city I had waited so long to explore.

Q: Are you fluent in French?

AW: No, but I’ve taken French class from 7th grade – four years of college. I’m excited to go back to France and put my classes to use! 

RP: No, I wish! I studied in high school and a little in college but I learned the most by jumping in headfirst when I moved there in 2013. I made a lot of mistakes and learned by listening to native French speakers. I am not fluent but I have been practicing on Duolingo daily. I am looking forward to getting back and not being so shy when speaking the language.

Q: Any big travel plans post-quarantine?

AW: I am tentatively planning a trip to Ireland and France next year! 

RP: I am headed to Italy (fingers crossed) this Summer! It has been my big motivation throughout the last 16 months. I saved up in an “Italy” fund to make this dream trip happen.

Q: How did you start working together?

AW: Rebecca posted on her IG story that she was looking for help. I messaged her with a gif and the rest is history! 

RP: I needed help and I reached out on IG and Alyssa replied. She had an action plan on how she could help me which was exactly what I needed. I scheduled a meeting over Zoom to confirm, but I pretty much knew before going into it that she was the perfect fit.

Q: What is your favorite French cuisine?

AW: At the risk of sounding cliché, I love crêpes! I love how they are sweet and savory.

RP: Give me a glass of Sancerre and a cheese plate (brie/comté) and I am a happy girl.

Last show you binge watched?

AW: Dawson’s Creek – I was really young when this first aired, so I wanted to go back and watch it again! 

RP: Mere of Easttown it was a recommendation from my sister. Before that, Lupin.

Alyssa and I both have dogs and they have met over Zoom over the last couple of months. Henri and JP were able to meet when I was in town.

What is the story behind your dog’s name and when did you get him?

AW: His name was already Jacques and I really wanted to name a dog, Pierre, so I put them together since it flowed well. We call him JP for short. I adopted him in May 2020 because was at home 24/7 and knew I had the capacity to give a dog a good home. When I saw JP, I knew he was the one, and luckily, I was approved to adopt him. The rest is history. ❤️

RP: I had wanted a dog for so long but I traveled too much and my building didn’t allow it. I moved into a new place in 2020 that was dog friendly and I had the opportunity to get a dog at the end of the year. I welcomed Henri into my life in early 2021 and he has added so much joy and love I didn’t know was possible from a pet. I chose the name Henri because I loved the name. Also, I love the spelling with an “i” for a French twist.

I am all about the power of manifestation. I hope you get your dream job one day, Alyssa!

What is your dream job?

AW: Dream Job: I love football! My dream job is to work on a communications team for an NFL team. Wink wink, Bengals!

RP: I am doing it now. I love being a travel photographer and the blog has just been so fun as an addition. The last year really changed so much with how I blog and share ideas and content. I would love to continue to grow video content and share more recipes and get more comfortable in front of the camera.

Thank you so much for reading! If you questions for us or want to learn more about Alyssa, you can drop a comment below.

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