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Ciao from Italy! In case you missed it, I am writing to you from Positano, Italy. ❤️ This post will keep you up to speed. I traded in my coffee and croissants for a cappuccino and cornetto. I am taking some much-needed time off under the sun umbrella. In the US, it is the fourth of July. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend and you have extra time to catch up on Sunday reading.

Alyssa and I worked hard to make sure Links I Love continued while I was traveling. I look forward to this every Sunday and I know so many of you do as well. (I am working on this while jet-lagged and up early in my hotel room)

Links I Love Week 27

How to Be Polite Post Pandemic. A great read from The Atlantic 

The New Woman Behind the Camera (a virtual event at The Met) available for nonmembers starts July 8th. Thank you, Sue, for sending this over! 

Specialized Experiences Offer New Looks on Paris via The NYT

I discovered this Henri Cartier Bresson exhibit while writing this post on What is New in Paris earlier in the week. Someone asked if Henri was named after Bresson, he wasn’t but it was a fun question!

If you are looking for a stylish Airbnb in Paris right now, check out this post. This is also a great post for Airbnbs that is geared more towards families. I had such a fun time going through all these for my upcoming October trip.

A friend sent me this video about lemons on Amalfi for my trip. I love lemon-flavored everything so this was a fun video to watch.

These Travel Influencers Pivoted During the Pandemic. My friend Whitney was quoted for this article. An interesting read for those intrigued by the influencer world.

This article will give you the motivation to get moving again. I love my Henri walks. He keeps me going and I know he loves his walks to find other dog friends in the neighborhood. via NYT

Travel to the Italian Rivera with Disney’s new film Luca. My family and I are trying to watch this all together. 

Fashion Links Sale

The Nordstrom Sale is on at the regular time this month. Last year, it was delayed until August. If you are looking to refresh your wardrobe. This is a great time to stock up on fall items at a good price.

Bastille Day and Fourth of July Outfit inspiration

To All The People Who Want To See Me Right Now

The Dread of Getting Dressed via The New Yorker

Italy to run Luxury Sleeper Train

Klorane is running a 20% off sale for the Fourth of July. Their dry shampoo is a French girl essential. I use it to refresh my bangs in between washes.

Even the best jobs will not love you back. A very relevant topic for so many people who are struggling with the return to the office.

A Tale of Two Islands: A Highlight on Capri. I will be headed there later this week. via NYT

The Post-COVID Home: How the Pandemic Has Made Us Rethink Everything

If Your Social Anxiety Flares Up at Work, Keep These Tips in Your Back Pocket

This pasta dish sums of the meals I have been eating the past couple of days. You can make it at home.

What I packed for Italy

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  1. Thank you for sharing our post on the best Airbnbs for families! I hope you found a great spot for your upcoming trip. And a fun side note, I just realized that we stayed in the same Airbnb as you off Rue de Bretagne on our first trip to Paris when our son was a bebe!

  2. Hello Rebecca…I’m so delighted you are enjoying a trip to Italy! Your gorgeous photos bring back many sweet memories. Positano is sultry and slow and utterly lush and breathtaking. Enjoy! I’ll relive many delicious memories of our trip through your reporting back to us. 🙂

  3. We did that Amalfi lemon grove tour in 2015. It was fun, beautiful, and touching to hear the father and son talk about the history and where they go in the future. Oh, and you get a slice of the most delicious homemade lemon cake! I highly recommend it.