Links I Love: December Week 1

paris christmas by rebecca plotnick

This week has been stressful and I actually woke up at 4 am in a panic. My biggest show of the year is this week. I have been doing this show for the last 6 years and I still get just as nervous as the first time. Stop by and see me and 600 artists this coming weekend. I am in booth 2068. If you are in Chicago, you are invited to the One of A Kind Show. The show runs Thursday December 7 – 10. I would recommend visiting on Thursday or Friday or towards the evening on Saturday or Sunday. The middle of the day can be really busy. If you want free tickets to the show you can visit this link here. 

Photo by  Katie Donnelly  

Photo by Katie Donnelly 

My Booth is 2068 and I will be showing my Paris Photography and of course happy to chat all things Paris with you. I look forward to meeting you. Please don’t be shy and make sure to introduce yourself! 

Last night, I went to my first holiday party of the season. I brought gougères which are easy to make and taste great served warm with cold champagne. You can try the recipe for yourself. 

Mourning in Paris – A friend told me about this article and it is one of my favorites I have read in a long time. 

My favorite advent calendar of the season is available through the Paris Je T’Aime Instagram. Each day they take you on a video through a different part of Paris. It is beautiful and magical and it is something everyone can enjoy around the world for free. 

Paris Pastry Chefs are Breaking Tradition to Unforgettable Effect

Where A Votre Sante meets Namaste: Wellness Culture Comes to Paris

La Cuisine Did a Favorite Holiday Gift Roundup (thanks for including me!)

French Wink’s Pop-Up Brings the Best of France to New York

There is A Secret Versailles outside of Paris, and It is Amazing

Paris had a little snow this past Friday. It is still one of my all time favorite memories from 2013. A First Look at Paris in the Snow

I have been seeing some crazy low prices on flights to Paris recently which has me looking at dates in January and April. I haven’t pushed the buy button just yet but hopefully the prices stick around until after my show. I just bought this JCrew Coat yesterday which was not on sale and I am having buyers remorse. A plane ticket to Paris is just a little bit more $. I think wearing last year’s coat could still work… I always think experiences over things. 

Before I forget, there is a new item in the shop. Paris Streets from A to Z. This is a great gift for the Paris Lover in your life and priced at $40. 


Things I LOVE

A few things I purchased last week during the sales that I love. I picked up a few new sweaters. You may remember me mentioning that I already was sick of my sweaters in November. I jumped at the chance for a refresh and will be adding more soon. This red sweater from Sézane, a pink sweater from JCrew, and another green sweater from Jcrew. I also got two pairs of pants for the dance studio. I asked a while back about pink leg warmers for Christmas and I never found any but I did find a pair of pants with pink leg warmers attached. 

I stocked up on black frames for my next gallery wall in the bedroom. You may remember my gallery wall from the main room with West Elm Frames. This time around I bought a few great ones from Target. 

I bought the kids matching pajamas for Christmas. I am so excited to snuggle them in a few weeks. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps with my coffee and croissant research. Thank you in advance! 

There will not be a Links I Love going up next week as I will be at the Show and giving my full attention to customers and selling but I will be back the following week! Thank you so much for your support. xo 

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    • You are amazing and so right about that one!! Thank you for the support. I will let you know when I book my ticket!! xo

    • Bonjour! This makes me so happy. It is my first time having one and I am finding it such a fun tradition I plan on keeping for next year!